Participating in a Workshop

Two types of workshops are available: on-site workshops, and workshops that require preregistration. Please read the following descriptions to differentiate them.

On-site Workshops

On-site workshops offer anyone the chance to participate! All you need to do is to make the line forty-five (45) minutes in front of the assigned room before the workshop takes place. First come, first served! Please note that no verbal or physical violence will be tolerated before, during, and after the workshop in question. Places are limited.

Preregistration Workshops

Details to come.

Since some workshops are immensely popular, it is impossible to guarantee a place for everyone. To avoid long lines, the preregistration system offers random attendees the opportunity to participate. You only have to register via the form that will be available shortly. Choose the workshop you are interested in participating in, and enter your contact information. A randomized system will pick up and reach out to participants before the convention. Selected participants will have to scan their badge at the entrance five (5) minutes before the starting time. A handful of people will be authorized to enter in case a preregistered person does not show up. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that no verbal or physical violence will be tolerated before, during, and after the workshop in question.

Registering and Hosting a Workshop

First, please keep in mind that priority will be given to panels related to Japan such as anime, manga, video games, music, culture, languages, way of life, etc.

The convention can provide basic materials in some capacity (such as 8.5 × 11 sheets, glue, pencils, markers, erasers, sharpeners and scissors). It is important that you mention it in the submission form (see Submission Form below). The host must provide any other materials. For additional questions, please contact the Workshops Director

To become a workshop host, you must be preregistered. A limit of four (4) people is allowed per workshop, and no more than six (6) workshops per person.

Please note that to facilitate the transition between each session, the duration of each workshop has to be either 90 or 120 minutes.

Hosts need to bring their own laptop with its corresponding charger, cables and adapters when required. Our audio-visual equipment only supports VGA or HDMI for video, and 3.5 mm audio jacks for audio. No Internet connection will be provided.

If you want to propose a workshop, you have until May 26, 2024, to send your request by filling out our form.

Hosts will receive an email on their submissions for the acceptance or refusal of their proposition. We will only use the email of the main host for communications with the Workshops team. Official workshop schedules will be emailed to them at least two (2) weeks before the start of the convention.

Guide of Conduct for Workshop Hosts

Regarding the Conduct of Hosts

Inappropriate behaviour, swearing, and discrimination will result in the banning of the person from hosting other workshops in the future. You have the right to express your viewpoints, as long as you do it respectfully. No sell solicitation will be allowed outside of your activity room. However, inside the room, you can bring, for example, promotional material and your business cards.

During your Workshop

Keep track of time to allow for a smooth transition for the next hosts! Arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before the official starting time to properly set yourself up. Wrap up the conversation in time to allow the next hosts to get ready. Starting your workshop late does not allow you to end it late!

Important Notes:

Most importantly, make sure to have fun with everyone!

Guide of Conduct for Workshops Designated as “Mature”

Workshops featuring mature content must abide by the following restrictions:

Rewarding System for Workshop Hosts

Quantity hosted Reimbursement on Convention Badge
One (1) 90-minute workshop $20 off
One (1) 120-minute workshop $25 off

Other combinations: Reimbursement will be calculated according to the number of activities animated, up to the total price of the bought badge.

Need to know more?

Vous avez des questions? Nous avons les réponses!

You can contact the Workshops Director a

From the Workshops Director and their team, thank you for expressing interest in submitting content for Otakuthon!