Date: Saturday, August 3, 2024
Time: TBD
Location: Main Events Room - Room 210

You have worked hard on your costume, and you would like to show it in front of an audience? Don’t miss your opportunity at the Otakuthon Masquerade! Come show your costume to our judges, and your craftsmanship and presentation efforts just might get rewarded.

Don’t have a costume? Come admire the Masquerade and applaud the participants' hard work!

Masquerade Rules


What is a Masquerade?

A masquerade is an amateur competition of costumes that were inspired by fictional or real-life characters. It is an opportunity for anyone to show off their magnificent costumes and their superb skills in craftsmanship and creativity.

A costume can be presented in two ways: in a sketch or a parade/walk-on.

Awards are given out for best presentation and best costumes to highlight contestants’ hard work.

How can I participate?

  1. First, read the rules
  2. Registration for the 2024 edition will be entirely online. If needed, in-person registrations will be done as well. Online registration will be open from Saturday June 8 2024 at noon to Saturday June 22 2024 at 9 PM.


  3. In the 48 hours following the end of the registration period (on June 24, 2024, at 9 PM), people who have booked a slot will receive a confirmation email. If you receive one, it means your spot on the Masquerade is set and you do not have to stand in line on the convention’s Friday or Saturday to register.
  4. IMPORTANT: An Otakuthon badge that is valid at the time of the convention is required to register online.
  5. By completing your online registration, you commit to participate. In case of repeated offences, the Director of the Masquerade reserves the right to exclude certain people from participating.
  6. If the number of online registrations exceeds the number of available slots, we will add your name to a waiting list, and you will receive a confirmation email if one becomes available.
  7. If needed, in-person registrations may be done as well, in which case dates and hours will be announced at a later time.
  8. There are a total of 50 entries, including preregistrations. Send us your form as soon as possible!

How Does the Masquerade Work?

The Greenroom step will be done by appointment only. During this step, which will be on appointment, you will notify us of your presence, have your costume judged, speak with the MC, the sound technician and the ninjas, and take your official Masquerade photograph. You will then be able to enjoy the rest of your day as you like, until your return right before the show.

Please note that the allotted time to present your costume to the judges will be controlled and limited (the exact amount of time will be announced), and will be adjusted according to the number of participants in each group.

We will gather one hour before the Masquerade starts. From that moment on, you accept to stay in the Masquerade Greenroom.

It is important that you wear your entire costume as soon as you arrive at the Greenroom since there might be little time to put it on before the show.

Awards Ceremony

The Masquerade Award Ceremony will be on Sunday, August 4, 2024.

The exact hour will be announced.

If you have questions about the Masquerade, you can reach us at