Tabletop Gaming

A dedicated team will be on site during the day and at night throughout the whole weekend to help you discover a variety of board games, trading card games and role-playing games. There will be demos, tournaments, and activities of all sorts. Whether you're a novice or an expert, it's also the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and meet new people!

Board Games

A selection of games from all categories and for all ages will be available at our tables in the board gaming section. No need to know the rules, as there will be a team of experienced game hosts who will gladly explain them to you. So bring your friends and try something new!

There will also be a section of traditional Asian games where you can try your hand at Go, Mah-Jong, Shogi or Xiang Qi.

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

Immerse yourself in the world of either fantasy or futuristic adventure. Take on the role of an adventurer in a wide variety of quests for glory, gold, greater good... or maybe just to survive...

Trading Card Games

The Trading Card Games (TCG) section can once again be found in the Tabletop Gaming Room where they continue to fascinate players of different generations. Called Planeswalkers, Pokémon Trainers, or Duelists, players compete all around the world and Otakuthon is no exception. Come and meet players and enthusiasts of all levels. Bring your deck of cards and maybe you will meet your match!


Various tournaments will be held throughout the weekend. Get a chance to win prizes! There will be drafts as well so that everyone can play even if they don't have a deck.

Note: A registration fee will be required to participate in the tournaments. Tournaments and prizes subject to change without notice.

Check out the schedule for a full list of times and games available, and come visit us in the Tabletop Room!