Our Mascots


Name: Yurika
Title: Convention Mascot
Age: 16
Date of birth: June 10
Astrological sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O+
Likes: Karaoke  & Taiyaki
Dislikes: Spiders
Interests: Cosplaying
Personality: Yurika is charismatic and a born leader who is both calm and cool. Despite being independent, she still acts like a spoiled little sister with her big brother, Yatsumi and cousin, Yuki.


Name: Yatsumi
Title: Yaoithon Mascot
Age: 18+
Date of birth: July 26
Astrological sign: Leo
Blood Type: AB+
Likes: Peanut butter
Dislikes: Bossy people and soap operas
Interests: Chemistry and sports
Personality: Yatsumi is generally a stubborn guy who doesn't allow anyone to boss him around, except for his little sister, Yurika. When he is not being overprotective of his little sister, he acts like a jock and is prone to rushing into action before thinking. Yatsumi does act dorky at times and ends up being easily fooled by Yumi because of his gullible nature.


Name: Yuki
Title: Yurithon Mascot
Age: 18
Date of birth: February 1
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: A-
Likes: Pocky and tea
Dislikes: conflicts and poor grammar
Interests: archery & reading
Personality: Yuki is a quiet person. Although she enjoys her solitude, she also appreciates her friends. Yuki is both creative and intelligent. Her dislike of conflict means she often ends up mediating disputes between her cousin, Yastumi, and Yumi. Yuki likes to plan everything out in advance, so she has difficulty dealing with the unexpected.


Name: Yumi
Title: Yurithon Mascot
Age: 18
Date of birth: October 31
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: B+
Likes: spicy food and cats
Dislikes:  horror movies and bean sprouts
Interests: kendo and video games
Personality: Yumi is a bit of a tomboy despite her love of all things cute. She has a seemingly limitless amount of energy and is motivated and strong-willed. She is always honest, sometimes to a fault. She loves to tease others, which often leads to clashes with her friend Yatsumi.