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A convention recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Otakuthon attendees are big fans of Japanese culture. We can often see them proudly wearing the costume of their favorite characters.

This is one of the reasons why in 2018, Otakuthon received an honorable mention from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. This award recognized the hard work Otakuthon did in order to promote cultural exchanges between Japan and Canada as well as promote good relationships between Japan and other countries. We are the only event in Quebec to receive this award.

The perfect occasion to reach out to Y and Z

The electrifying ambiance of Otakuthon comes from the multicultural crowd that grows in number every year, from their colorful costumes and young attendees ready to party. 76 % of Otakuthon attendees are under 25 years old and are constantly on social media.

An event to promote cultural sharing

The convention wishes to share Japanese culture by providing a meetup place for manga publishers and readers. Every year, the Exhibition Hall receives hundreds of dealers. In 2022, there were 421 artists and 312 dealers from all around the world.

Otakuthon is one of the biggest anime conventions, second only to Anime North, that happens in Toronto.



Location Description
Have your name associated with a room or a major event We have 24 rooms and three main events waiting to be represented on behalf of your organization!
Special mention in the front section of the programming booklet The convention booklet is distributed to all participants of the event at the same time as their event badges. In 2019, more than 25,000 booklets were distributed. A mention allows you to write a message to all the attendees.
Banner ads placed at busy convention locations We hold a huge potential for advertising visibility for your organization as the convention happens on all floors of the Palais des congrès.
Banner Hanging from the ceiling of the Exhibition Hall The Exhibition Hall is the busiest place at the event. This is the room where attendees can interact with exhibitors and artists from around the world.
Partner space in the Exhibition Hall If you want to have a space in the Exhibition Hall, which is the busiest place of the event, it is possible for us to provide you with one or more tables. Don't miss this opportunity!
Color advertisement in programming booklets You can buy advertising space in our programming booklet. We can offer you various formats according to your budget. We remind you that the booklet is distributed to all participants of the event, which was more than 25,000 people in 2019.
Promotion on social networks by Otakuthon Otakuthon's Facebook page has more than 30,000 subscribers, Instagram account has more than 8,294 followers and Twitter has over 5,030 followers. A personalized promotion for your company will give you instant visibility!
Three days badges for the convention Our different partnership packages allow you to receive badges to participate in the event. You will be able to share them with your colleagues, your friends, and your family.
Your own promotional material in all convention bags When collecting their badges, the attendees also receive a welcome bag containing the programming booklet as well as various flyers from partners. Maybe they could find yours in it!


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