Improtaku is back for its 2nd edition better than ever. Do you like improvisation matches and Japanese pop culture? Then stay tuned.

2 teams between 2-4 players will face each other in improv matches around geeky themes from well-known media. Before each round, the MC will reveal the theme, the number of participants in each team, the duration of each improv and the category. Teams will also have 30 seconds to brainstorm ideas before performing. The public can vote for their favourite skit at the end of each round. Cardboard pieces will be given in time.

The MC will gladly answer any questions and concerns if you are feeling lost. Our rules are a simplified version of the LNI. There are no points or penalties, teams will change over time depending on the crowd participation. Everyone is welcome whether you are experimenting or not or here to enjoy the show.

We look forward to your participation, especially some brave souls to go on stage. Inscriptions will take place just before the actual event.