Otakuthon Model Expo 2024


For this edition of Otakuthon, we're proud to present Otakuthon Model Expo 2024! This year, there will be a lot of attractions prepared to let the event participants learn about plastic models and figurines! From model build workshops, mini-events, new product showcases, and our yearly competition. Experience the fun and diverse world of plastic models!

Find us in the center of the Exhibition Hall. Look for the awesome Gundam Statue as a landmark. Create your unique experience with us!


Attendees are welcome to visit us in the center of the Exhibition Hall to have your firsthand experience on plastic model building! Try out one of the different entry-level plastic models provided. Workshops last an hour and there will be limited slots per session. Tools will be loaned if needed. There will be multiple workshops throughout the convention period. Be sure to check it out!


Various mini-events will be available after a build workshop. These mini-events include trivia games, voice acting games, etc. Enjoy your after-build cooldown time with these mini-events. There might be prizes to be won!


Is it your first time building plastic models and it piques your interest or you've built a few models and wanted to learn more? Join us in our satellite build panels! There will be various Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced build workshops to showcase the different levels of plastic model building techniques. These panels will be hosted in separate rooms and will have a totally different set of models than our entry-level kits in the Exhibition Hall (Spoiler, they are unique creatures!) From learning the very basics of plastic model building, little tricks to enhance the visual appeal of your newly built model, to modifying or using more than the basic tools. Everyone is welcome to visit and learn! Tools will be loaned for your convenience if needed. Limited slots per session.



From Gundams, Girl Figures, Humanoid, Vehicles, Animals, etc., Your favourite anime characters, mecha, or original works come to a tangible form through plastic models and figurines! There will be a lot of variety of plastic models and figurines that will be displayed in the Expo area! This exposition from various manufacturers shows the latest products in the model space. Visit and take a look at all of these existing or upcoming products!


Looking for convention-exclusive plastic models? A Bandai Store will be open in our Expo area. There will be a variety of plastic model kits to choose from. If your experience from our various workshops calls for your inner modeler, or you've enjoyed building plastic models and wanted to get into the hobby, pick one to bring home from the Bandai Store!


The Plastic Model Build Department will be hosting the Otakuthon Plastic Model Competition this year! Interested parties will be able to find us in the middle of the Exhibition Hall, in the Plastic Model Expo Area.

The Plastic Model Competition is open to everyone and all skill levels! Showcase your plastic modelling skills that you’ve honed so far and get a chance to take the crown on one or more of our competition categories! All plastic model types which are connected to anime are accepted. See the ruleset below for more information. There will be many prizes to be won!

Participation Ruleset:



Gunpla Category is open to all Bandai Gunpla models. Small or large-scale models are accepted as long as it is within the specified size restrictions.
Non-Gunpla Category is open to all first-party plastic models. This could range from girl models, tanks, planes, etc. as long as it is derived from an anime or original series.
Fan Favourite Category which will include all the models entered in the competition. Convention participants who pass by our event area could vote for their favourite model.
Sponsors’ Favourite Category which will include all the models entered in the competition. Votes from our convention sponsors who made the event possible! Sponsors will vote for their favourite model.
Staff Favourite Category which will include all the models entered in the competition. Votes from our Plastic Model Division staff members will determine the winner!

Evaluation Criteria:

Main Criteria Description
IDEA (Final Scoring Weight- 20%) The overall motif or theme of the model will be judged in this category. Physical modifications, the kit aesthetics, the visual appeal of the model in terms of poses will be judged in this category.
PAINTING (Final Scoring Weight - 40%) The visual appeal of the colour palette and/or patterns applied, cleanliness, and quality of the paint job of the entry will be judged in this category. Hand painted and airbrushed kits are judged on their cleanliness on equal terms.
CRAFTSMANSHIP (Final Scoring Weight - 40%) Cleanliness of the non-painted aspects of the build will be judged in this category: Nubs, nub marks, seam lines, mould lines, sanding marks, file marks, cleanliness of the pieces, etc. Dioramas will be part of the judging for the whole entry.

The event is sponsored by: Plamod, Otakuthon, and our store partners; Masamune Studio and Trinity Hobby!

For inquiries, please contact gunpla@otakuthon.com with the subject "[Inquiry] - Competition".

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!