SSJ Live

SSJ Live — English Guest

After 17 years of solo careers, the three original composers of the worldwide popular music for Dragon Ball Z (Cartoon Network, U.S. version) join once again to bring back the tunes and that special early-2000s feeling many of us grew up on – with today’s sonic production in a bombastic live show!

SSJ Live (Smith, Scott & Julius) was born out of their 2017 reunion interview. The trio soon started re-working their iconic themes, producing some new music, and have been giving performances across North America since.

SSJ are:

Michael Smith

Michael Smith – A Dallas, Texas native, following his music composition studies at SMU, Mike started off as a keyboard player in the bands Experimental BBQ and Afternoon Delight. Mike found himself composing for the Ginyu Saga of DBZ and continued his work to make contributions that are prominent throughout the Z series, such as his Vegeta, SSJ Vegeta, and SSJ Transformation themes. Mike has since worked in television, marketing, and digital media production, and he is also a founding member of the band Safety Meeting, performing around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Find Mike on his website.

Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan is a composer, sound designer, and software engineer. After earning a degree in Music Theory at the University of North Texas, he edited and performed music for DBZ, and composed such popular themes as Pikkon’s, Imperfect Cell’s, and Android 17 & 18’s. After DBZ, Scott spent 15 years working with video games audio tech as a test engineer, composer, and software engineer for projects such as Empires Dawn of the Modern World, DirectX, Xbox, Roland Cloud, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Scott continues to pump out music on YouTube, iTunes, and other sites under the alias MorganStudios. He has released 5 albums and 120 videos to date. He currently works as a software engineer at That Game Company. Find Scott on his website.

Julius Dobos

Julius Dobos is an award-winning electronic music & film composer, sound synthesist and performer, originally from Europe. Composing since age 9, Julius scored several feature movies before joining the DBZ composition team in 2000. He created such favorites as the SSJ3 Powerup, Super Buu, and Gohan Powers Up themes. After DBZ, Julius went on to compose for movies such as Don't Mess with the Zohan, MallCop, and The Zookeeper, for television programs like NCIS and created the musical themes of major events. To date, Julius has released 10 albums, including a platinum album, to an international audience. With his solo project "Forgotten Future", he crafts psybient & epic ambient music, which he performs at large festivals worldwide. He is also a Distinguished Professor of music technology in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find Julius on his website.