Saki Fujita

saki fujita


Saki Fujita — Japanese Guest

Saki Fujita is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She is most well-known as the voice base sample for Crypton Future Media’s famous Vocaloid character/software, Hatsune Miku. She has also had many other notable anime roles, such as Akagi (Kantai Collection), Ymir (Attack on Titan), Shia Kijima (Gundam Build Fighters Try), Mina Yayoi (Tokimeki Memorial Only Love), Mahiru Minami (Working!!), Ayano Sugiura (YuruYuri), and Hatsune Miku in various anime series (such as in Shinkalion or Dropkick on My Devil! X). 

She also has some notable game roles such as Elena (Street Fighter Series), and Yato (Arknights), among many others. 

Saki Fujita will be coming to Otakuthon for the first time, at Q&A panels, and have free Autograph sessions. Don’t miss your chance to meet the originator of Hatsune Miku’s Voice there!