Nobutoshi Canna



Nobutoshi Canna — Japanese Guest

Nobutoshi Canna is a Japanese voice actor, actor, singer, and narrator. He is best known for his performances as Tasuki (Fushigi Yûgi), Ban Mido (GetBackers), Nnoitra Gilga (Bleach), Lancer (Fate/Stay Night), Basara Nekki (Macross 7), Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto), Guts (Berserk), Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, since 1998), Lee Pai-Long (Shaman King), Brian Stelbart (Feda: The Emblem of Justice), Nowaki Kusama (Junjou Romantica: Pure Romance), Kagemaru (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX), Yuji Okusu (Slam Dunk), among many others.

He has also done many notable game roles, such as Anji Mito (Guilty Gear -STRIVE-), Cao Pi (Dynasty Warriors series/Warriors Orochi series), Kai Kogashiwa (Initial D series), Takaya Sakaki (Persona 3 Reload), Maxi (Soul Calibur series), Jann Lee (Dead or Alive series) and Orion (Fate/Grand Order).

For his first time at Otakuthon, Nobutoshi Canna will be at Q&A panels and will have free autograph sessions. Don’t miss your chance to meet him there!