Valérie Harvey


Valérie Harvey (North American Guest)

Valérie Harvey lived in Japan for more than two years where she fell in love with her adopted city, Kyoto. She has written several books about this country, including three novels: Les Fleurs du Nord, which won the 2018 Parallel Universe Youth Award, L'Ombre du Shinobi, a story about ninja in ancient northern Japan, and L’Héritage du Kami, an adventure story where Inari, a Japanese god, has fun with poor humans.

She is a collaborator of the O-taku Manga Lounge with whom she has prepared a series of videos called Parlons Japon that crosses and explains what you can read in manga and the reality in Japan. She has directed the short documentaries Konnichiwa こんにちは series on YouTube that show and explain various topics in Japan.

She taught Japanese in Quebec City and wrote about her stay in the travel book Passion Japon. She also translated the children's poet Misuzu Kaneko with Nous sommes tous différents et nous sommes tous beaux.

As a sociologist, she is a regular contributor to ICI Radio-Canada Première radio show to talk about the world, and very often Japan.

She has also composed several songs in Japanese and performed anime classics. She has won two awards in Japan for her performances of Japanese songs (Nodo Jiman/Let’s Sing Japanese Songs).