Programming Policies

If you aren't allowed to do it outside of Otakuthon, it isn't allowed at Otakuthon.


Panels and Workshop Policies

Due to a restricted amounts of seats available for panels and workshops, we ask attendees to respect the following:

For those who require reservation:

  1. Seating reservation coupons will be distributed 1 hour before the start of the panel or workshop on a first come-first serve basis in front of the room where the activity will take place.
  2. Attendees with a reservation coupon will need to show up 5 minutes before the start of the panel or workshop to be allowed in for seating, otherwise, they will automatically be considered a no-show.
  3. A small allocation of people will be allowed at the door in the event of a no-show, it'll be a first come, first serve basis.

For panels or workshops who don’t require reservation:

  1. We will allow lineups 45 minutes before the starting time.
  2. We will be doing head counts and reserve the right to cut a line short to allow traffic to flow in the corridors.


Events Policies

Due to a restricted amount of seats available, we ask attendees to respect the following:


Game Show, Screening Policies


Tips to enjoy Otakuthon’s workshops, panels and events


Panelists, Workshop Hosts, and Game Show Hosts Reimbursement Policies

At Otakuthon, we're always looking to make your experience better when helping us out for content. In order to make the experience better, please opt for a preference for PayPal during pre-registrations.

Here are all the information that needs to be known: