General Volunteer Policies

Each participant must first complete and submit the General Volunteer Application Form. The application can be filled online here.

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria in order to be accepted as a general volunteer:

  1. MUST BE 15 years of age or older by the time of the convention to participate.
  2. Sign a consent form; if under 18, the form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Provide photo identification with a visible birth date.
  4. Provide proof of purchase of the Otakuthon 2023 weekend badge with a displayed registered badge number.
  5. Attend one information session taking place in July 2023.

Applicants who do not fill all of these conditions may be refused as a general volunteer without notice.

All valuables are the responsibility of the volunteer as Otakuthon is not responsible for theft or lost items.

Otakuthon is not responsible for any financial obligations or liabilities a volunteer may incur, including damages to property, or injury to others while participating in this program.

General volunteers agree to follow the rules and policies of the convention, failure to do so may result in the termination of the individual's involvement within the program or expulsion and forfeiture of all rewards, depending on the severity of the incident, which includes: harassment, abuse, disrespect, late arrivals and no-shows.



The information provided through the General Volunteer Application Form will not be disclosed publicly and will only be used internally or in the event of an emergency.



General Volunteers can pick up their reimbursements during the specified times the Volunteer Operations department announces. The general volunteer must be present to pick up their reimbursement in order to sign off for it. Reimbursements cannot be collected via proxy.



If you can no longer volunteer at Otakuthon, you must notify us by email:



If a general volunteer does not show up to their shifts, they are at risk of being placed on the Volunteer Operations department warning list and will not be allowed to volunteer for 1 year.