General Volunteers


General Volunteers are our staff’s extra set of hands during the convention. They help out with the set up and take down of the convention as well!

Volunteer Operations is the department that will guide you through your application, orientation, and receiving your schedule. They’ll also be there to help you with any questions that may arise before, during or after the convention.

Unlike staff, general volunteers have no single position. They help out in various departments to help the con run smoothly. If you want to help make this year’s Otakuthon amazing, sign up and help out! We’d love to have you :)

If you have any questions just reach out to us at

General Volunteers Benefits Table

  Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Super Volunteer
Minimum Convention Hours 5 Hours 10 Hours 15 Hours 18 Hours 20 Hours 23 Hours 25 Hours
Minimum Pre-convention Hours None None None None None None None
Badge Reimbursement 10% 20% 50% 60% 80% 90% 100%
Acknowledgement Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate
Volunteer Room Locker Storage
Otakuthon 2023 Tube Bandana
Otakuthon 2023 Keychain  
Otakuthon 2023 Gift #1    
Otakuthon 2023 Exclusive T-shirt      
Restaurant Food Voucher        
Otakuthon 2023 Gift #2          
Otakuthon 2023 Gift #3            

Open volunteer positions

Various volunteer positions are available throughout the convention in many of our departments. The departments include Video Games, Events, Merchandise, Garage Sale etc. These openings depend on our needs for extra help during the convention. Volunteers can mark their preferences on their application (See Link Below) and we will try to schedule them accordingly.

Check out the Volunteer Policies.

Check out the Volunteers FAQ.

Fill our Volunteer Application Form!