Video Rooms

It wouldn't be an anime convention if there weren't any good anime to watch. Our video rooms are a great place to sit back and relax while checking out the latest and greatest anime from Japan - from old favorites to the latest releases, from the popular to the obscure. It's almost guaranteed that you will enjoy or discover some great anime in our video rooms.

Video tracks are presented in Japanese with English or French subtitles, or English dubbed. Please consult the video room schedules to find out which titles are presented in which language.

Our screening schedule will feature some of the following theme blocks*:


Spy Anime

The world of spies is an exciting and mysterious one. Anime that showcases the shadowy world of espionage could range from thrilling stories filled with intrigue and danger, to fun high action ones with visually appealing fights. Anime spy characters that are highly intelligent, able to quickly eliminate their targets and the ability to masterfully disguise themselves become instant fan favourites.

There will be a selection of anime that will showcase the underworlds of the spy, as well as anime that feature some of the most memorable and coolest spy characters!


AMV Screenings

Anime Music Videos or AMVs are fan-made music videos that combine anime with an audio soundtrack to create something that is unique and entertaining.

Be advised: Some AMVs may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.


Fan Parodies

Abridged shows, short spoofs, fake commercials, and other comedy madness created by fans for your amusement. Fan-made parodies of some of the most popular anime series has become popular and entertaining viewing experiences!

Be advised: Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.


Anime Classics

We all remember that first anime we ever watched. So watch all over again a nostalgia selection of anime classics that were popular in the yesteryear.


Magical Girl Anime

When an evil force threatens the world, sometimes the fate of the world can depend on the power of a few Magical Girls...


Sci-fi Anime

Exciting space battles, post-apocalyptic environments, strange alien life forms, and technology gone mad, science fiction anime covers everything from the fantastic to the surreal.


Mecha Anime

From giant robots to large mechanical machines, watch these fantastic creations engage in epic battles!


Ecchi Fanservice

Explore the racier side of anime in these shows filled with sexual humour or copious amounts of panty shots and jiggling breasts.

Be advised: Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.


Music/Idol Anime

Whether it's a singer aspiring to be a pop idol, a group of girls forming a dance group or even a struggling performer looking for success, these anime features gripping drama, likeable characters and an enjoyable soundtrack!


New Summer 2023 Anime

A small selection of anime that will premier in the summer season of 2023. Discover something new to watch!


Horror Anime

From the psychological to simple blood & gore, these anime horror titles will play on your fears and insecurities through eerie music and disturbing imagery that will make you worry what terrible thing is coming next!

Be advised: Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.


Late Night Cinema

Don't go home early! Stay around and watch an entertaining selection of feature-length anime movies in our Late Night Cinema screenings.

Be advised: Some movies may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.


Yurithon (Shoujo-Ai)

A collection of fan favourite anime that features relationships between women.

Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.**


Yaoithon (Shounen-Ai)

«Boy’s Love» anime series involving romantic situations between two (or more) male characters.

Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+.**


Yaoithon Late-Night Watch-Along

Think: Rocky Horror Picture Show Mayhem, but while watching classic Yaoi Titles such as: Boku No Sexual Harassment, Okane Ga Nai, and Wolves of the Blue Moon. Let’s make this into the best watching party! Warning: This screening contains Corn.

These shows are not suitable for a younger audience and are rated 18+.**


Hentai Pleasures

Is love is what you want to see? People going the step further than handholding? Animated eroticism is at its best when it's rated for adults. Pure and untainted vanilla screenings — the most you're going to see is Light Bondage.** 


Alternative Hentai

Want to challenge yourself? This is where things go full throttle on unhinged. Non-consensual, Heavy Bondage, NTR, Guro, Futanari, sometimes everything at once. Most of what's going to be shown here is going to raise the question "Why would someone make this?". If you stay for the first hour, you get the bragging rights that "You survived". (The opening starts at 10:40 PM)**


*Themes and titles are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the convention schedule for more information about our video programming.

**Age Restricted Event Entry Requirements: All age restricted events will now require wristbands for entry. You can get one by presenting your government issued photo ID to the bracelet services on the first floor. See the schedule for the 16+ and 18+ wristbands distribution schedules. They will be valid for age-restricted events for the duration of the convention.