Luna Tsukigami


Luna Tsukigami (aka Lunatic Joker) (Japanese Guest) — Illustrator

Luna Tsukigami is a Japanese illustrator and manga artist whose works have been featured in a variety of magazines and publications. His live drawing sessions are always crowd pleasers at events he attends. He is a regular contributor to the drawing tutorial corner, CA Studio, in Kadokawa Comp Ace magazine. He has done illustration work for the light novel series Kuzubako no Houkiboshi, Omae nanzo ni Musume ha Yaren, Zakogami-sama, and Audition! His 2013 work, Moe Headphone Design Guidebook, was translated and released by Sekai Project with funding from Kickstarter. He was also the character designer for Project LUX, a VR visual novel written by Isuna Hasekura (Spice and Wolf) and published by Sekai Project.

Luna Tsukigami is very excited to be a guest at Otakuthon and hopes to see everyone, especially new and upcoming artists, at his panels and autograph events.