L’Orchestre d’Anime de Montréal


L’Orchestre d’Anime de Montréal (North American Guest) — Orchestra

L’Orchestre d’Anime de Montréal is a mixed ensemble founded in 2019 by Melissa Tardif. Best known for performing a wide selection of anime openings, endings and general original soundtracks arranged by their very own musicians, L’OAM aims to bring to life the music from your favourite anime!

L’OAM had its debut at Otakuthon in 2019 performing for a crowd of over 2000 people and has gone on to produce two full-length albums: Volume I (recorded at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in 2019) and Volume II (recorded at Alchemist Studios in 2021).

The group is composed of 18 local musicians with a passion for Japanese pop culture and all things otaku. This year, L’OAM is offering a themed concert: the epic battle of modern vs. classic animes! Expect to hear some nostalgic classics such as Gundam Seed, Clannad, Samurai Champloo and No Game No Life battling against some epic modern shows such as Chainsaw Man, Vinland Saga, One Piece: Red and many more! Come and experience L’OAM in a completely new way as they put on a show that will bring down the house!

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