Geek Show


Le Geek Show (North American Guest)

Would you call yourself a geek?

We have JUST the show for you! We’ll be dealing with cinema, video games, comic books and anything pertaining to the geek universe! Alongside our guests Maxime Ève Gagnon, Julien Bernatchez, Marie-Hélène Racine Lacroix, Vincent Descôteaux and Andy St-Louis, as well as our hosts Guillaume Pelletier and Pierre-Luc Racine, you are guaranteed a great evening!

Hey geeks, it’s time: ASSEMBLE!

Guillaume Pelletier


He graduated from the École Nationale de l'Humour in 2022, but was already around way before then. Having done evening shows in Montreal and the general area, he has also produced and hosted shows for many festivals across Quebec. He is currently in charge of hosting the Sunday open-mic events at the Terminal Comédie Club.

Pierre-Luc Racine


My name is Pierre-Luc Racine. I’m a comedian and author!

I write for URBANIA and RDS Jeux Vidéo!

I travel around the province to do stand-up comedy!

I’m a three-time nominee at the Gala Les Oliviers! I do funny things!

(When they’re not funny, I pretend it was intended.)

Maxime Ève Gagnon


Maxime’s sense of humor is as funny as it is touching and thought-provoking. She tackles subjects like transitioning as a trans woman, any quirky moments that a trans person may come across in their daily life as well as the act of coming out.

Julien Bernatchez


While the general public may have come to know Julien for his famed “sausage castle” which earned him the reputation of being one of the most notorious participants across the ten seasons of Un Souper Presque Parfait, fans of comedy instead know him as one of the members of the comedy group Les Pic-Bois. With his offset sense of humor, he first made a name for himself online, namely through his web series Bande Pensante, reaching an audience of nearly 500K, and hosting the popular podcast Des Si Et Des Rais. Alongside his stage career, he also works as a comedian and author (Bernatchez Joe).

Marie-Hélène Racine Lacroix


Marie-Hélène Racine-Lacroix is an author and a graduate of the École Nationale de l’Humour’s class of 2019. She makes her work stand out by writing with conviction, being upfront and adding a touch of sensitivity and absurdity. She is passionate about social issues and the various facets of geek culture, especially comic books and video games. Having received the ENH-Netflix fund in 2021, she is currently working on a youth series titled Dany Danger. Aside from her work behind the scenes, Marie-Hélène has also been doing stand-up comedy since 2018.

Andy St-Louis


Singer, pianist, flautist, songwriter and composer, the young Andy St-Louis is a jack of all trades whose cheerfulness is unparalleled. Since 2020 she has been streaming on Twitch three times a week, with a following count of over 20 000 people. She has a knack for being spontaneous, allowing her to improvise on various topics as well as to record and cover entire songs with her looping pedal, making her music known around the world.

Vincent Descôteaux


Comedian, event producer, photographer and a hell of a fan of long bike rides. This would make a great Tinder bio.