Cyril Coppini


Cyril Coppini (Japanese Guest) — Rakugo Performer

From Nice, Cyril begins learning Japanese in high school. Just like Obelix, he fell into it when he was a child… In the early 90s, he attends classes at the French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO) in Paris and obtains the Shinshû University scholarship during his university studies, which allows him to stay 1 year in the city of Matsumoto. He will shamefully squander his scholarship in karaoke and izakaya (Japanese “tapas” bars). In 1997, he settles down permanently in Japan (Fukuoka, Tokyo and Osaka). Rakugo performer since 2011, he performs regularly in France and in the francophone space to showcase this still unknown art of speech in French, as well as in Japan, in Thailand, in New Zealand… Cyril is also a manga (Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju; Case Closed; Case Closed: The Culprit Hanzawa; Wild Police Story…) and video game (Danganronpa V3; Trails of Cold Steel V3…) translator. He makes regular appearances on Japanese television (NHK World) and FM band.