26-year-old singer-songwriter from tiny “IE ISLAND” Okinawa, Japan.

Anly was born and raised in “IE ISLAND, “ a tiny island off of the northern coast of Okinawa (Ryukyu). (Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan with a semi-tropical climate). The population of “IE ISLAND” is about 4500, and there are 5000 cattle on the island.

There were no CD shops nor internet on the island, so Anly grew up listening to the CDs her father bought from mainland Okinawa, mostly 60s and 70s Rock Music such as Eric Clapton, CCR, ZZ TOP, etc., and also music played on FEN radio (Far East Network by US military).

In November 2015, at the age of 18, Anly made her debut from Sony Music Records. Her first single CD included a theme song for a nationally televised drama in Japan, and also a song in collaboration with Gabrielle Aplin (recorded in London). The debut single hit No. 3 on the Rock chart (download) in Japan.

In 2018 Anly won the “SUPERNOVA AWARD” at “HONG KONG ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL” in Hong Kong. (Music Festival held by Hong Kong Record Association)

In 2017 Anly sang the Opening theme “KARANOKOKORO” for NARUTO 20 (The last theme song for NARUTO) , “Beautiful” for the anime “Seven Deadly Sins” in 2018, “Tranquility” for the movie “Legend of Galactic Heros - Die Neue These” in 2019, “Star Wink” for the movie ”Natsume’s Book of Friends” in 2021, and also “VOLTAGE” for anime “Boruto Next Generations” in 2022.

Anly will be performing for the first time in Canada at Otakuthon on Saturday August 12, 2023. This appearance is in association with J-rock North Promotions Inc and N Cube Entertainment Inc.