Guidelines for Panels & Workshops




Organizing a panel or workshop can be a fun and rewarding experience.  You'll enjoy discussing the topics that you love with your fellow otakus and it's a great way to contribute to the overall success of Otakuthon!

In order to be panelist or workshop host, YOU MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED! Early pre-registration closes on May 31, 2010 and late pre-registration closes on June 30, 2010. Please do not miss the final deadline.

There will be a maximum of four panelists allowed per panel and no more than six panels allowed per panelist. The number of people who can sign up for a given workshop will depend on the workshop's content and format.

A panel should last 45 minutes and a workshop should last 90 minutes (1h30m) in order to ensure proper transition between one host/group to the next. Special concerns and requirements about set-up and clean-up should be brought to the attention of the directors.

In order to avoid compatibility and interoperability issues, it is recommended that participants bring their own laptop and any necessary cables or adapters required to connect to standard equipment (ie: VGA output for projectors, 3.5mm jack for audio). No internet connection will be provided.

If you'd like to sign up, you have until July 18, 2010 to send in your application to and/or, using the following format:

For every panelist or workshop host:


Registration number:
Would you agree to share your email address with co-panelists/workshop hosts?
Would you agree to share your name, email and chosen topic(s) with organizers of other anime conventions? (This choice will have no impact on our selection and scheduling process.)
Are you a returning Otakuthon panelist/host?
The list of major events you plan to attend at the convention:

For every panel or workshop hosted:

 (max. 3 lines):
Language (French, English, French/English):
Rating (General, 16+, 18+)*:
 (Open for more co-hosts, Closed or Specialized):
Requirements (projector, DVD player, microphone, board, room space, etc.):
Will you allow Whisperers (visit our website for more information on the Whisper project)?

*Please read the mature content guidelines if your panel or workshop will be having 16+ or 18+ content. Yaoi, yuri, shonen-ai and shojo-ai related panels and workshops must follow the same guidelines but should be submitted to or

You can submit as many applications as you wish, but remember that you will be automatically considered as a participant when you email us your forms (maximum 6).


Number of Panels or Workshops

Reimbursement on Convention Badge

1 panel

10$ off

1 workshop

15$ off

2 panels

20$ off

One of the following:
- 3 or more panels OR
- 2 or more workshops OR
- 1 workshop + 2 panels

Full reimbursement (100%)

You will receive your reimbursement at the end of the last day of the convention upon presentation of your signed attendance sheet.


Congratulations and thank you for becoming a panelist or workshop host! Here are a few guidelines on how to prepare for your panel/workshop, and what to do at the convention before, during, and after your presentation time. 


  • Choose the right panel/workshop for you! Mostly, you should sign up for topics that you know well and that appeal to you.
  • If you are talking about a topic with technical or factual details, try to bring quick notes for yourself to review both before and during your panel. It never hurts to have your facts straight!
  • Visual aids are always a bonus and if you are presenting PowerPoint slides, try to make them as clear and legible as possible. The purpose of slides is to focus your audience's attention on the content of your presentation, not to distract from it. 
  • Communication is key! Whether among yourselves or with the staff, it is always a good idea to introduce yourselves and sort out your topics of discussion and other issues as early as possible. We also encourage you to use the message board to help coordinate and publicize your panels.


  • Please pick up your badge at the special line-up as you arrive. The regular lines are not only unnecessarily long to wait in but also will not provide you the badge you need.
  • During the convention, panelists will have free access to the Staff Lounge and are welcomed to use it anytime.


  • Encourage audience participation when appropriate. Keep the discussions moving so that everyone feels involved. Watch for people who have something interesting to add to the discussion. The goal is to interact. Remember that the audience is part of the panel too. Use the microphone when available.
  • Wear a watch! The panel is actually only 45 minutes, not an hour (to allow panelists to move around, set up, etc). A workshop is 90 minutes maximum. Try to arrive a little in advance before the official starting time in order to properly set up and prepare yourself, and wrap up the conversation on time to get out of the way for the next panelists. Also please remember that if you start late, it DOES NOT mean that you can run late! Please be fair to the next group using the room.


  • After each and every panel or workshop you host, you must have your Attendance Sheet signed by one of the Panels or Workshops directors or assistant-directors. This will be necessary for you to receive your reimbursement at the end of the convention.
  • After the panel, also make sure you fill out your Panel Survey sheet and return it to the Programming Team. Your opinions and suggestions allow us to know what to keep doing well or what to improve next year! You can return these at the convention and save on the stamps!


  • Have fun! And try to help make it fun for everyone else, too!


Panels and workshops that will have mature content must abide by the following restrictions:

1.     Panels & workshops that will have content or discussions involving graphic violence and/or sexuality, eroticism, ecchi, horror and full frontal nudity will be scheduled after 8 PM.  Content or discussion involving hentai, explicit sexuality or other pornographic material, as well as extreme or excessive violence and gore will be scheduled after 11 PM.

2.     Panels & workshops that have been designated as "mature" will be held behind closed doors and will have age restrictions (either 16+ or 18+) on who could enter (photo IDs with date of birth will be checked at the door).

3.     The consent of participants must be obtained before taking part in any forms of "fanservice" (no coercion, no forcing, encouragement is acceptable).

4.     Inappropriate behaviour and/or nudity either by the panelists or the audience are forbidden.

5.     The decision to designate an age rating on the panel/workshop by the Panels and/or Workshops directors is FINAL.


Favorite Anime Series/Movies/OVAs (Discussion on a specific title, studio, or group)
Anime in Quebec (e.g. Goldorak, Albator, etc.)
Anime Industry 
Anime that you Love
Anime that you Love to Hate
Anime in General
Favorite Anime Characters
Favorite Anime Villains
Favorite Bishoujo/Bishonen Characters
Most Hated / Least Popular Anime Characters
Live Commentary of an Anime Episode
Japanese Tea Ceremony (Discussion)
Anime Music Videos (Discussion, How to, Competitions)
Anime Conventions
Cosplaying (Forming a cosplay group, Sewing/How to, Photography, etc.)
Early Days of Anime Fandom
English vs. French Dubbing 
Live Action Shows
Anime Turned into Live Action or vice-versa
Popular Japanese Seiyuu
J-Music (Pop, Rock, Alternative, etc.) 
J-Pop Idols
Manga (Discussion on a specific title, publishing house, or group)
Doujinshis / Fan-produced Mangas
Must see Anime (e.g. What's new in Japan)
Hentai Anime (Mature content)
Ecchi Anime (Mature content)
Mecha Anime
Harem Anime
Shoujo Anime
Shounen Anime
Samurai/Ninja Anime
Magical Girl Anime
Classic/Retro/Old School Anime
Religious Themes/Overtones in Anime
Fanservice in Anime/Manga
Anime/Manga in the World
The Animation Process
Japan and the Anime Culture (history, analysis, etc.) 
Video Games (Discussions on a specific title or company, specific genre - RPGs, FPSs, etc.)
Women and Video Games
Video Games Based on Anime
Doujin Games
Hentai Games (Mature)
Dating Sim Games
Influence of Japanese Culture on our Lives
Kimonos (Discussion or workshop)
How to Write Fanfiction (Workshop)
How to Draw Anime (Workshop)
Website Design (Discussion, workshop)
Canadian/Quebec Anime Market (distribution, business opportunities, etc)
Geisha (dance, costume, makeup, etc)
Ninja/Samurai Culture
Origami (Workshop)
Martial Arts (Discussion or workshop)
Lolita Styles
Karaoke (Discussion, history, popularity)
Japanese Calligraphy (Workshop)
Showcase/Exhibition of Anime Paraphernalia (models, posters, figures, artbooks, etc.)
Taiko Drums (Workshop)