AMV Contest



Otakuthon AMV Contest General Information

Anime Music Videos (AMVs) submitted for competition must be your OWN work and must be an ORIGINAL work. AMVs which are submitted can be entered into one of the following six categories:

  • Comedy/Parody
  • Action
  • Drama/Romance
  • Effects
  • Originality
  • Mature (see below for details)

All AMVs that are submitted will be automatically entered into the “Best of Show” category for best overall AMV.

AMV judges will select a winner from each category.  All entries from each category will be screened at the "Otakuthon AMV Contest Screening".  During the screening, the audience will vote for their favourite AMV through secret ballot for the winner of the “People’s Choice” award for best AMV.

Due to time constraints not all AMVs will be shown during the contest screening.

Participants may enter a maximum of two video entries total (one entry per category).

AMVs may not be shorter than 1 minute and should not be longer than 5 minutes.

The majority of the video footage must be from anime (Japanese animation) or from Japanese video games (e.g. Final Fantasy XIII). Live action or other sorts of animation footage are acceptable provided that they are not a dominant part of the video.

Music must be used as the main soundtrack and may be from any genre and in any language. There should be no subtitles in the AMV unless it is an important element of the music video or if they are karaoke song lyrics.

There must also be no video opening or closing credits. Otakuthon will be adding an opening credit to all entered AMVs.

Mature Category

For the "Mature" category, AMVs that contain adult content such as hentai, ecchi, explicit sexuality, full frontal nudity, as well as extreme or excessive violence and gore will be accepted.

These entries will not be screened during the "Otakuthon AMV Contest Screening" due to content guidelines (see below for details); however it will still receive an award during the contest screening.

Submission Rules

Please send all contest submissions to

We will be accepting submissions via e-mail only. Do NOT send CDs or DVDs via snail mail.

All AMVs for the contest must be submitted by Friday July 23rd, 2010. If your AMV is submitted after this date, it will not be considered for the contest.

When submitting your AMVs, please provide the following:

  • Your name
  • In the subject line, type “AMV Contest 2010 Submission
  • E-mail address and other contact info
  • Title of your music video
  • Category in which you would like the AMV entered (select one, see table above)
  • A short description of the video (maximum 50 words)
  • Source of video footage used (i.e. series, movies, etc.)
  • Source of music or audio soundtrack used
  • A link to download your AMV

When submitting for the Otakuthon AMV Contest, participants can enter a maximum of two AMVs.  However each video can only be entered into only ONE category for judging.

Creators may submit their videos with their submission by:

  • Providing a link for direct download via web (http) or FTP.
  • Providing a BitTorrent metafile or link where the file can be downloaded (if the torrent is seedless or cannot be downloaded, your entry will be disqualified).
  • Providing a link to the file being hosted on a free upload service such as
  • Providing a link to the AMV on

The following are a list of "DON'Ts" which will disqualify your submission:

  • Don't send YouTube or similar video streaming site links.
  • Don't send AMVs which you did not create.
  • Don't send IRC addresses with instructions for DCC downloads.
  • Don't send the actual AMV file as an attachment in the e-mail.
  • Don't send any submissions via “snail” mail.


Each category winner will receive an award and a copy of all submitted AMVs for this year’s contest.  Awards will be handed out to the winning AMV creators at the end of the Otakuthon AMV Contest screening.  If the creators of the winning AMVs can not be present during the screening, please specify in your AMV submission someone who can come and claim your award or provide us with a mailing address so that the award could be shipped to you.

Content Guidelines

Videos that contain scenes of graphic violence and/or sexuality, eroticism, ecchi, horror and full frontal nudity will not be shown before 8 PM. Any videos that contain hentai, explicit sexuality or other pornographic material, as well as extreme or excessive violence and gore will not be screened before 11 PM.

Coarse language, including music lyrics, within the AMVs must be acceptable of what can be heard on public radio, prime time television, or any film that is rated 13+.

All videos will be pre-screened by the Otakuthon staff. Otakuthon reserves the right to accept or reject any video based on the prescribed criteria or for any other reason.


Please note the following guidelines with respect to video format:

  • All videos must be playable on a PC with the latest Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) installed.
  • Files for competition should be AVI or MPG format and compressed using DivX or xVid video compression and MP3 audio compression.
  • DO NOT send videos in Realplayer or Quicktime format.


  • Otakuthon reserves the right to use any submitted AMVs, in whole or in part, for promotional purposes during and after the convention.
  • Otakuthon does not guarantee that any AMV submitted will be screened. The convention reserves the right whether or not to screen an AMV for any reason.

For any questions about the contest, please e-mail the Special Events Director at either or