Cosplaying Guests



Dawn McKechnie "Kaijugal"


Award winning, Canadian born, cosplayer Kaijugal may be a familiar face to con attendees as she has been involved in the Canadian costuming community and local fandom for over 20 years. She currently not only coordinates the Cosplay Events Department for Anime North, but is also the director of several masquerades including Hobbystar's FANEXPO masquerade, and G-FEST in Chicago. She can also be seen applying her skills as a masquerade judge at cons such as Anime Next, Ad Astra, and Otakuthon. Always ready to do more to promote costuming, she is also currently serving as president of the Canadian chapter of the International Costumers Guild.
She is exceptionally happy to be returning to Otakuthon to share the joys of the hobby of costuming with her fellow fans.

Maral Agnerian "Sarcasm-hime"


Maral Agnerian, better known in cosplay circles as Sarcasm-hime, is an illustrator and costumer with a deep and abiding love for pretty fabrics, beads, and all manner of shiny things. She has been seriously costuming since 1999 and currently competes at the regional Master level.  She has won numerous Workmanship awards and relishes the challenge of bringing a 2-D design to life, but also loves the creativity inherent in original designs. She is always looking for new sewing and construction techniques to learn and experiment with, and strongly believes in spreading knowledge and information through the community.