The Imaginary Theatre Association presents: BATTLE ROYALE 2010 - Otakuthon Edition

Otakuthon may never be the same again....

Game Background Overview

An unknown mysterious group has come together to see if there is still good in the world and, with that, they decided to try a game (or an experiment in social behavior, if you will).  Their game is based on a cult movie that they all love called: "Battle Royale". The thing is, they didn't want to blow anyone up, nor did they want to announce their plans. So, it came down to a simple decision; find a large group of people gathered in a central location and see what happens “when good people” are placed in odd situations.

So with that, Otakuthon was picked and their plans have been set in motion.  Infiltrating the ranks of con-goers was easy enough, and to place those lovely tags on people was even easier.  No one thought to ask why they were being given the tag, except that they were promised that it would add to the excitement of their weekend at the convention.

But, as the sun started to descend on that fateful Friday, a little voice could be heard coming from those innocent (and ugly) looking tags:

WARNING: Battle Royal will now begin. Players, good luck and may you survive the weekend! Oh, the excitement indeed.....

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