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Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 finds its early roots in Ianus Publications founded in 1987 to publish the Protoculture Addicts Anime Magazine.  In 1992, Ianus struck a deal with R. Talsorian Games to publish an Alternate Reality Universe line of products based on RTG's successful Cyberpunk

The game design team at Ianus became known as Dream Pod 9 and when on to publish Jovian Chronicles for RTG's Mekton II game system.   DP9 was then hired in 1993 by Palladium Books, publishers of the Robotech and Macross II roleplaying games, to produce three volumes of the Macross II Deck Plans books.

In 1994, DP9 began developing its first home grown game called Heavy Gear Fighter, which was the Card Fighter game that introduced gamers to the world of Heavy Gear.   In the summer of 1995, Heavy Gear the Roleplaying and Tactical Game was released and it became a success with its anime inspired artwork and realistic warfare game mechanics.   Due to phenomenal growth of the game in late 1995 Ianus was split into two new companies, Protoculture, which would continue to publish Protoculture Addicts magazine and Dream Pod 9, which became a fully fledged company publishing gaming books and miniatures.

In 2008, DP9 released the latest edition of the game entitled Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded for the tactical game with faster game play, new rulebooks and tons of newly sculpted miniatures for all the factions.   Future plans include a dueling game entitled Heavy Gear Arena later in 2010 and a new edition of the Heavy Gear Roleplaying game in 2011.

You can get the latest DP9 news online at and check out the new releases.

Heavy Gear Blitz! Demo Games 

Dream Pod 9 will be running free demo games at its table in the Exhibition Hall on Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday during the Exhibition Hall hours. Come by our table and say hello, we'll be happy to sit down and show you the rules in a short demo. 

Heavy Gear Blitz Lightning Tournament (Saturday August 14th at 7:30 pm) 

Dream Pod 9 will be running a Heavy Gear Blitz! Lightning Tournament (Priority Level 1, 285 TV) on Saturday August 14th in the Boardgaming room (513de) after the Exhibition Hall closes.  We'll have space for at least 8 players and will provide everything needed to play.  We have 8 pre-generated and painted armies, terrain, dice, measuring tapes and army sheets. If you want to bring your own army feel free to, just respect the PL & TV listed above. We will have a prize for the first place winner of the tournament.