Contest Highlights



No anime convention would be complete without having your basic, fun-filled contests.  So, for those who want to prove their "otakuness" and win some cool prizes, here is a list of contests that will be featured at Otakuthon this year.  Have fun!

For a complete list and schedule of all our contests, please refer to the convention schedule insert. 

Anime Categories

Name all the anime titles that you can think of from a chosen theme.  First one to run out of answers... loses.

Anime Mystery Dating Game

Four participants are randomly drawn.  One participant is the "date" and the other three are "suitors".  The date poses questions to the potential suitors and, based on their answers, ranks the suitors from first to third place.

Anime Name that Tune

In this popular contest contestants must guess the name of the anime tune being played in 15 seconds or less to gain a point.  The contestant with the highest score at the end wins.

Anime Win, Lose, or Draw

Groups of three contestants, randomly drawn, compete by correctly guessing what's being drawn on the board by one of their teammates.  The group with the most points at the end wins.


You always liked the Monopoly game but have you become tired of playing it?  If so, then try out Animonoply - our life size anime version of Monopoly!  The game rules have been simplified for the convention. So what are you waiting for?  Come play or simply watch and cheer your friends on. Full fun guaranteed!

Best Otaku

How much of an Otaku are you?  Answer every anime, video game and j-pop quiz question to prove who among us is the Best Otaku!

Cosplay Costume Race

A three man team comprising of a model and two designers must make a costume in 20 minutes or less with the materials provided.  The teams creating the best three costumes win.

Create that Anime

Using a chosen theme, create your own anime episode with characters, plotline and genre in under 2 minutes.

Liar Game

Do you think you're good at lying?  How about you test that skill of yours by playing the Liar Game!  Based on a segment of the live drama Liar Game, the minority votes.  In order to keep yourself in this game you need to make sure to choose the right answer or perhaps the wrong answer?  Your objective is to avoid a majority or else...  Feel free to cheat and mislead your opponents because only one person will come out on top as the winner.

Ningen-Senkan (Sensuikan - Human Battleship Game)

It's very simple:  2 captains will battle against each other with 5 ships each (5 cosplayers)!  Each "ship" will advance on their leader's command. They will sink any enemy ships they encounter.

Are you up for the challenge?  Come and register yourself with or without a team!!

Will you get chosen to play the ultimate battle!?


Trixie's Surprise Egg

Ever wish to win the lottery?  Well here is your big chance to win big time!  Participants of all ages can come and try their luck.  It's a simple choice between a plain envelope and the Golden Egg.  Will you play it safe and take the revealed prize in the envelope or will you risk it and give up the envelope prize for a chance to get what's inside the Golden Egg?

Yurika Party

Ever dream of playing Mario Party without a controller in your hand?  If the answer is yes, then this is the game for you.  In Yurika Party, players roll a pair of dice per turn and advances on the board.  When two players meet, a mini-battle begins!  Will you be the last player standing?  Spectators are welcome to watch and to encourage the players.