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Tips on How to Prepare and Run a Panel or Workshop


Choose the right panel/workshop for you! Sign up for topics that you know well and that appeal to you.

If your topic involves technical or factual details, try to bring quick notes for yourself to review both before and during your panel. It never hurts to have your facts straight! Visual aid is always a bonus. If you are presenting PowerPoint slides, try to make them as clear and legible as possible. The purpose of slides is to focus your audience's attention on the content of your presentation, not to distract from it.  

Communication is key! Whether among yourselves or with us staff, it is always a good idea to introduce yourselves and sort out your topics of discussion and other issues as early as possible. We also encourage you to use the message board ( to help coordinate and publicize your panels.


Where appropriate, encourage audience participation. Keep the discussions moving so that everyone feels involved. Watch for people who have something interesting to add to the discussion. The goal is to interact. Remember that the audience is part of the panel too. Use the microphone when available.


Favorite Anime Series/Movies/OVAs (Discussion on a specific title, studio, or group)
Analysis/interpretation of a popular topic and/or anime/manga/movie/OVAs (eg the current obsession with vampires in today's media)
Anime in Quebec (e.g. Goldorak, Albator, etc.)
Anime Industry
Anime that you Love
Anime that you Love to Hate
Anime in General
Favorite Anime Characters
Favorite Anime Villains
Favorite Bishoujo/Bishonen Characters
Favorite couples
Most Hated / Least Popular Anime Characters
Popular fandoms
Non-Japanese content inspiring anime/doujinshi/etc (eg Miyazaki movies)
Live Commentary of an Anime Episode
Japanese Tea Ceremony (Discussion)
Anime Music Videos (Discussion, How to, Competitions)
Anime Conventions
Cosplaying (Forming a cosplay group, Sewing/How to, Photography, etc.)
Early Days of Anime Fandom
English vs. French Dubbing
Live Action Shows
Anime Turned into Live Action or vice-versa
Popular Japanese Seiyuu
J-music (Pop, Rock, Alternative, etc.)
J-Pop Idols
Dramas (dramas that are based on manga, etc)
Manga (Discussion on a specific title, publishing house, or group)
Doujinshis / Fan-produced Mangas
Must see Anime (e.g. What's new in Japan, what's airing this season)
Hentai Anime (Mature content)
Ecchi Anime (Mature content)
Mecha Anime
Harem Anime
Shoujo Anime
Shounen Anime
Samurai/Ninja Anime
Magical Girl Anime
Classic/Retro/Old School Anime
Religious Themes/Overtones in Anime
Fanservice in Anime/Manga
Anime/Manga in the World
The Animation Process
Japan and the Anime Culture (history, analysis, etc.)
Video Games (Discussions on a specific title or company, specific genre - RPGs, FPSs, etc.)
Women and Video Games
Video Games Based on Anime
Doujin Games
Hentai Games (Mature)
Dating Sim Games
Influence of Japanese Culture on our Lives