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Video Gaming Events

Video Gaming Room

Otakuthon's Video Gaming room is back again, now bigger and better than ever! We've brought back all the old favorites; multiple stations with today's modern consoles running the latest games, both North American and Japanese, retro consoles featuring video games from yesteryear, as well as other video gaming events like our video game tournaments and DDR!

Due to popular demand, we have added even more PC LAN stations, featuring games like League of Legends and Starcraft II, for both casual and tournament play.

So whether you're new to video gaming or have been video gaming for years, everyone is welcome at Otakuthon's Video Gaming Room!


Convention-goers are highly encouraged to BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Controller). This will make things easier for both the convention and your fellow players.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

DDR is back for yet another year of dancing fun! All the main attractions are returning so that everyone can enjoy themselves, whatever their skill level!

If you're in a competing mood, we have our classic Standard and Heavy tournaments or for our casual dancers, who would like to enjoy a competitive event, there will be several Light-level mini-contests available.

To all those dancing machines out there, you spoke, we listened, and for the first time ever we will be hosting a no holds barred tournament to be played at the highest difficulty levels with modified settings - so go all out!

There will also be plenty of freeplay if you want to dance without pressure and enjoy the upbeat mood of the DDR station. The more the merrier, so bring your friends and hope to see you there!

Japanese Roleplaying Games (JRPG) Corner

From Final Fantasy to your favorite Tales of … game, JRPGs have introduced gamers worldwide to fantastic worlds, deep storylines and unique characters that are both endearing and unforgettable.  Whether you are new to JRPGs or a veteran of the genre then come to the JRPG Corner where you can play a selected variety of great JRPGs! 

Doujin Games

Doujin gaming makes its return to the Otakuthon gaming room, now with more titles than ever before! Come try your hand at Japan's latest fan creations.

Doujin games are made by and often published by fans, covering the entire spectrum of games. Some are inspired by commercially made games, others are original, with some of these even inspiring commercial games or becoming published by major companies.

Touhou Project Gaming Station

Come celebrate the Hakurei Shrine Festival at the Touhou Project gaming station in the video gaming room! This popular series of curtain fire shoot ‘em ups will be available for play with all the official Touhou Project games (both PC98 and PC), all Seihou Project games, and a variety of Touhou Project inspired doujin games covering a wide range of genre. So whether you’re already a fan or wanting to try out this series of very unique shooters for the first time be sure to stop by and dodge some danmaku with us~

Also, make sure not to miss our gaming tournaments for Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, and Hisoutensoku! 

Hentai Games

Once again, we will be featuring various eroge (erotic games) of differing genres, from shooters, fighting games, adventure and more. Not just your run of the mill dating sims.  (NOTE: Games not suitable for a younger audience, 18+)

Video Game Tournaments

Do you like fighting to the death? Super heroes being pitted against each other? Armies clashing? How about crowds of people cheering for that final blow?  If you do crave all that, then come and enjoy the high skill of our Video Games Tourney scene!  From Marvel vs Capcom 3 to Starcraft II, we have it all! Prizes galore for the champions and praise to all that join us!

(Details coming soon).

LAN Party

Back again this year, Otakuthon presents to you the LAN Party area for those of you whose way of the samurai can only be expressed through a keyboard and a mouse.  Enter our RTS or FPS tournament or come meet fellow players to compete in wacky anime games, finger bashing rhythm games, and Initial D driving skills will be put to test!

(Details coming soon).