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J-Music in Motion

J-Music in Motion

Have you ever wanted to sing and dance with others who share a passion for Japanese music on a big stage? If you are a singer, a dancer or someone that can do both, then J-Music in Motion is just the show for you! J-Music in Motion is a show created by the J-Music in Motion team and the participants together to create a unique experience every year! It aims to feature the best of what music in Japan has to offer, whether it be singing or dancing, while placing emphasis on the combination of the two.

Not sure you got what it takes to be on stage? Our team will coach you on your weak spots so that you can become a better performer overall. Not sure what song to choose or what song would suit you? Our team will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, discuss your music preferences and help suggest a song where you can perform at your best!

Rules and Regulations

General Information

All individuals who would like to participate in JMM must fill out an audition form and provide a picture as reference. You may audition either as a soloist or as a group by filling out the appropriate audition form.

While J-Music in Motion is based in Montreal, anyone from around the world can audition. If accepted, you must arrange for your own transport and lodgings for the weekend of August 22-24, 2014 when Otakuthon 2014 will be taking place.

Applicants who are accepted must be pre-registered for Otakuthon 2014. Your badge will be fully reimbursed upon pick-up.

All participants must be available on Friday, August 22, 2014 for a dress rehearsal. You must also be available on Saturday, August 23, 2014 for one last run-through and the actual performance.

Audition Information

All auditions will be done via video audition. You may submit up to 3 videos total. Videos must be either uploaded to YouTube as unlisted or to a file-sharing site such as MediaFire.

Each video should be in one of the following categories:

Singing only:

You must sing for at least 90 seconds (or wherever seems appropriate to stop, such as up to and including the first chorus) to an official instrumental track. Your lyrics must be memorized.

Dancing only:

You must dance for at least 90 seconds (or wherever seems appropriate to stop, such as up to and including the first chorus).

Singing & dancing:

You must sing and dance while holding a "microphone" (such as a full water bottle for example). You must perform for at least 90 seconds (or wherever seems appropriate to stop, such as up to and including the first chorus) to an official instrumental track. Your lyrics must be memorized.

Important notes:

  • Applicants may choose to audition using a song that is not Japanese for the purposes of showcasing their talents.  However, the song to be performed during JMM must be in Japanese. 
  • If you would like to perform your audition song at JMM, please clearly indicate this on your audition form (the song must be in Japanese).

Audition Deadlines

JMM staff will be accepting auditions from April 1, 2014 to June 1, 2014.

However, this does not mean that you should send in your audition at the last minute! The earlier you submit your auditions, the earlier you can receive feedback that will better your performance for Otakuthon. Being early also gives you priority when choosing songs as well as increasing the number of songs you are allowed to perform.

Audition Criteria

  • Stage presence: Are you confident when performing, while utilizing the stage effectively?
  • Energy and charisma: Are you putting in enough energy and showing personality in your performance?
  • Vocal talent: Are you singing all the notes on key? Are you singing with the appropriate amount of power and volume?
  • Pronunciation: Are you pronouncing the words properly so that they are understandable?
  • Skill: How well can you execute the difficulty of your song/dance?
  • Quality of dance: Are you executing the dance moves properly and paying attention to detail?

Making the Cut

If you made the cut

You will receive an email concerning your audition with feedback, as well as discussing what songs you will be performing at JMM 2014. It is important to send in videos every couple of weeks so that the JMM team can monitor your progress. If they are available, they may also be able to sit in on practices and provide advice.

If you did not make the cut

If the JMM staff felt that your first audition was weak but that you had the right motivation and attitude to be part of the show, you *may* be given a second chance to audition (only during the audition period). So never give up, as the JMM team is here to help YOU shine on stage!

If you have any questions, please email