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Video Rooms

It wouldn't be an anime convention if there weren't any good anime to watch. Our video rooms are a great place to sit back and relax while checking out the latest and greatest anime from Japan - from old favorites to the latest releases, from the popular to the obscure. It's almost guaranteed that you will enjoy or discover some great anime in our video rooms.

And that's not all; the video rooms will also be featuring Japanese Dramas (J-dramas), Live-Actions, Fan Parodies, and Anime Music Videos (AMVs).

Video tracks are  presented in Japanese with English or French subtitles, or English dubbed. Please consult the video room schedules to find out which titles are presented in which language.

Our screening schedule will feature some of the following theme blocks*:

Anime Music Videos (AMVs) (Non-Competition):  Anime Music Videos or AMVs are fan created videos that combine anime with musical soundtrack.

Fan Parodies: Fake commercials, short spoofs, live-action bits, abridged shows, twisted movie trailers, and other madness created by fans for your amusement.  Both brand new and classic anime fan parodies.

Hakurei Shrine Festival (Touhou): A selection of doujin anime based off of the Touhou Project game franchise, ranging from retellings of the games to musical collections.

Yaoithon Screening Block (shounen-ai):  Boy's Love" anime series involving romantic situations between two (or more) male characters. (NOTE: Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+)**

Yurithon Screenings (shoujo-ai):  A collection of fan favourite anime that features relationships between women. 

Hentai Pleasures: Hentai Pleasures returns with even more of an eroticism we all know and love. These are anime series where characters get "down & dirty" and other titillating sensations. (NOTE: Shows are not suitable for a younger audience and are rated 18+)**

Alternative Hentai: Featured will be futanari, bondage, guro and fetishes that may interest our aficionados who are looking for something a little different. (NOTE: Shows not suitable for a younger audience and are rated 18+)**

Late Night Yaoithon: "No point, no plot, no meaning." Explicit boy on boy action, not to be taken seriously. "The corn is at midnight!"  (NOTE: Shows not suitable for a younger audience and are rated 18+)

Girl On Girl (Late Night Yuri): A selection of explicit, purely yuri anime (NOTE: Shows not suitable for a younger audience and are rated 16+ or 18+).

*Themes and titles are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the convention schedule for more information about our video programming.

**Photo ID will be required to access these events.