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Cosplay Guests

Jesse Lagers

Jesse LagersYou say Christmas; Jesse Lagers says Halloween.  Jesse discovered his love for costumes and props as a young boy when he found himself continually dressed in disguise even after his favorite autumn holiday. A self-described "geek through-and-through" he pools his influence from science-fiction and Medieval romantic era graphic novels, movies, video games and more.  Star Wars, being Jesse's favorite influence, has shown him how powerful and essential movie costumes and prop designs are to the success and popularity of feature films.

 An Oregon-bred pirate, Jesse currently lives with on a boat in Portland with his business partner/girlfriend, spending his days building custom costumes and props by request. His realistic cosplay style, down to adding dirt and grit to battle outfits, exemplifies his passion for authenticity within the costume design industry. Contributing to his ability to bring realism to cosplay is his experience as a storm trooper with the 501st Legion: Vader's Fist, a national organization of Star Wars enthusiasts who celebrate the series' mythology and perform community fundraising, charity work and volunteerism. You can see some of his builds on SyFy's show, Heroes of Cosplay.