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Tabletop Gaming

During the whole weekend, day and night, a dedicated team will be on site to help you discover the best board games, trading card games, roleplaying games and wargames. Whether you're novice or hardcore, it's the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and meet new people. There will be tournaments, draws, and activities.

Boardgaming Section

Games of all categories (competitive, cooperative, bluff, strategy) as well as classics (Go, Shogi, XianQi) will be available to borrow from our demo table. No need to know the rules, as our presenters will glady explain them to you. A team from the publisher Filosofia ( will also be there on site to present some of their best sellers: Settlers of Catan, Small World, Bang!, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Dominion & Dominion Intrique, Tokyo Train, etc.

Role-Playing Games (RPG) Section

Ever wanted to be a fearless hunter of demons? An honourable knight? A powerful sorcerer who can call upon the wrath of the elements? Role-Playing Games grant you the ability to re-create yourself as a hero who can join an adventuring party and go on quests for wealth, glory or more than just a little thrill.

  • D&D 3.5 / D&D 4.0 - The iconic d20 fantasy RPG system
  • BESM - (Big Eyes, Small Mouth) a roleplaying game that is designed to simulate the action of anime and manga.
  • Dragonball RPG - Take up the fight in Akira Toriyama's world of Saiyans
  • Serenity - Based on the Firefly series, this RPG allows players to take on the role of a mercenary crew in a pioneering space age, finding and completing 'jobs' while skirting authorities as need be.
  • More to be announced...

Minature Wargames Section

Playing a miniature wargame is like custom selecting a chess army and adding dice. Take command of mechanical armies, ferocious beasts or outlaw mercenaries! Deploy your forces and unleash devastating tactical attacks until nothing remains of the opposition!

  • Heavy Gear- Welcome to Terra Nova, a far away planet settled by humanity in the far future. People have adapted to this new world and evolved, socially and technologically, bringing a new level to mechanised combat.
  • Warmachine - Set in a steampunk Iron Age, the most powerful cites wage devastating combat with hulking heavily armed machines of destruction led by fearless and powerful Warcasters.
  • Hordes - Counterpart to Warmachine, the beasts of the invaded wilderness retaliate savagely, unleashing the brutal fury of the most monstrous creatures guided by merciless Warlocks.
  • Malifaux - In  the horrific fantasy Victorian world of Malifaux nowhere is safe. Masters of the undead terrorize the living, malicious mythical beings lurk in every shadow, power hungry mages heedlessly plunder for relics and the law enforcement is every bit as corrupt and brutal. Your only chance for survival lies in mystical soulstones and their ability to cheat fate...
  • Super Dungeon Explore - a fantasy dungeon crawl with super chibi style! Take control of a pair of heroes or the evil consul's horde of minions in this fast-paced melee.
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy - a fusion of Eastern and Western myth, art, and belief