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A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY (Concert)

A new musical experience is coming to Otakuthon from the producers of the internationally acclaimed concert tour Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY! Join GRAMMY® Award-winning conductor Arnie Roth for a new, more intimate concert featuring a special performance by renowned video game composer Nobuo Uematsu. Responsible for composing much of the music from the FINAL FANTASY series, Chrono Trigger and many other renowned Japanese games, Nobuo Uematsu will join Arnie Roth in performing FINAL FANTASY VI: Dark World.

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(Note: Concert tickets are only available for purchase during pre-registration.)

Raj Ramayya Concert

Otakuthon is proud to present a very special performer this year, which you may have heard from titles such as Cowboy Bebop and Wolf's Rain along with his many collaborations, with Yoko Kanno among others, his commercials and his personal band projects. Vocalist Raj Ramayya is here on this 9th edition of Otakuthon to show us why he's such a prolific figure in the international music industry.  Please join us in large numbers to give him a warm welcome.

Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu

Join Benyamin Nuss, pianist for the A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY, as he performs a selection of music from his Nobuo Uematsu-themed album. Including music from FINAL FANTASYBlue DragonLost Odyssey, and others, this special piano solo concert is not to be missed!

Yokai Project Concert

Back with a vengeance and with new content, once again Otakuthon welcomes the band Yokai Project for a special performance to our attendees.  With new covers both from well known Japanese bands and animations, all mixed in with their original compositions, including Tohou-inspired pieces, Yokai Project is fired up and we hope you are too!