Cosplay Chess

Would you like to see your favorite characters battle it out with each other? Well, with Cosplay Chess, all of that is possible! No one knows what will happen as two chess players maneuver human pieces across a giant chessboard. For this second year at Otakuthon, the theme will be "Girls VS Guys."

Cosplay Chess Rules

  1. Entries can be from any source (manga, video games, original). The same costume may be worn for Cosplay Chess and the Masquerade.
  2. This event is first-come, first-served. The sooner you register, the more likely you are to get the spot that you want.
  3. Costumes do not have to be made by the cosplayer.
  4. All costumes must be appropriate for the general public.  We reserve the right to cancel any entry which does not follow this rule.  All costumes must conform to Con Rules and Policies and all weapons must conform to convention Weapons Policy.
  5. Participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parents or guardian. You may obtain this waiver by emailing the Cosplay Chess director at
  6. Participants must have a "kill" scene and a "death" scene ready prior to the game. For each scene, participants may have other people to help out but the Cosplay Chess director must be informed.
  7. No props or stage accessories which scatter will be allowed. This means no confetti, no fake blood, no rose petals, or anything else that might disrupt anyone's footing.
  8. You will/will not have access to a sound system with a microphone available to your party during your "kill" and "death" scenes.
  9. Participants must attend the Cosplay Chess meeting before the match. Things that participants will need to know will be covered during this time. This will help prevent some of the chaos from occurring during the match.
  10. This is an act, after all, so NO attacks that can hurt other cosplayers or damage their costumes will be tolerated. Please be considerate of the others involved.
  11. An image of your character must be provided with your entry form.  Don't forget to include your real name, email address, and the series where your character comes from when you apply.  Also, please indicate if you would like to be in the Guy or Girl team as well as the position you would like to play.
  12. The Cosplay Chess Director reserves the right to choose your final position on the chess board.

How to Participate

Note: You must be registered for the convention before you apply.

To be a chess piece

Participants in the chess match will be chosen from amongst the convention attendees.

No knowledge of how to play chess is required -- the two chess players will direct your movements. If you are interested in participating, you must submit your application to the Cosplay Chess director.  Registration for Cosplay Chess is first-come, first-serve. Be sure to read the Cosplay Chess Rules before submitting your application.  Your registration must be sent before June 20th, 2009.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this event will be taking place on Sunday.  When applying, please be sure that will not be leaving the convention early.

How to register

Write an email to with the following information:

Real Name:
Originating Series:
Special attack:
Death scene:

Want to Help Out?

You can also volunteer to help for the Cosplay Chess. Just send an email to the Cosplay Chess Director at

Special Attacks

In addition to the thirty-two pieces on the board, Cosplay Chess also has special attacks whereby one character calls on another from back stage to help in combat. Examples of special attacks in use: Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura) summoning Kero-chan, or Naruto (Naruto) doing Kage-Bunshin no Jitsu and having other Narutos rush on stage. If you have a character who you think would make a good special attack or if you have a second person willing to cosplay as an appropriate character for your special attack, you can apply as a special attack by writing to our Cosplay Chess director.

Also, remember that you’ll need a kill scene and a death scene. An example of a death scene would be Cloud picking up Aeris’ body after she died. Try to plan at least one of each. You’ll be contacted by the Cosplay Chess director to discuss your plans.

Questions and Answers

How many people will be selected?

We will be choosing thirty-two chess piece participants who will be active on the chessboard and two chess players to play the game. We will also selecting a set of alternates, and chess piece participants may have special attacks, so more than 32 total people will get to participate.

How do I apply?

Simply follow the procedure in the “How to register” section. Being accepted into Cosplay Chess in one costume and checking in for the event in another costume is grounds for immediate dismissal from the game.

Which team do I sign up for?

You must register in the team of the gender of your character.  So, if you are dressed up as a person of the opposite sex, you go into the team of the opposite gender and not that of your gender.  The positions for King/Queen can be considered an exception to this rule.  Additionally, you can possibly go into the opposing team if you can justify your request in front of the Cosplay Chess director.  The decision of the Cosplay Chess director is final with respect to the team which you will be placed.

When should I apply?

The cut off date for applications is June 20th, 2009. Since chess pieces are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis, it's best to apply as soon as possible. 

I'm under eighteen. May I still apply?

Cosplayers under eighteen may certainly apply with the inclusion of the appropriate form signed by parent or guardian. Be sure that your parent or guardian knows the time of the match so that you will not be forced to leave the convention early. 

Is it okay if I didn't make my costume?

Since this is not a costume contest, costumes may be submitted that were not made by the applicant, or that have been professionally tailored or contain commercially manufactured pieces. Costumes may also be submitted that have previously been entered in the costume contests or masquerades of Otakuthon or other conventions. Costumes entered in the Masquerade will also be accepted.

My costume has moving parts/large weapons/gets in other people's way. Is this a problem?

All costumes must be self-contained, with no electrical plugs or other outside support required. The costume should be something that the participant can move in; chess is, after all, a fighting game, and movement will be necessary for the role-playing. If your costume is bulky, heavy, heavy-looking, or awkward, an explanation should be included with the application explaining in detail how the design of the costume makes quick movement possible.  The maximum size of each square will be 60cm x 60cm.  If your costume cannot be contained inside this space, you cannot participate in Cosplay Chess.

All costumes must be appropriate for a family environment. Any costume that turns out to be obscene or excessively revealing will be removed from the game immediately.  Weapons in this event must strictly adhere to the Otakuthon Weapons Policy - no weapon not allowed under the Otakuthon Weapons Policy will be allowed in Cosplay Chess. Weapons will be examined at the event sign-in.

How will I know if I've been selected?

Selected applicants and alternates will be notified by e-mail as decisions are made. You must keep your e-mail contact information up to date in order to keep in touch with the Cosplay Chess director.

I've been selected! What do I have to do before the con?

Participants will be required to exchange frequent e-mails with the Cosplay Chess director and other planning staff during the weeks leading up to the convention.  Failure to communicate with the Cosplay Chess director in a timely manner when required will lead to dismissal from the game.

Questions?  Please contact the Cosplay Chess director at