Video Game Room

At Otakuthon's Video Game Room there will be several gaming stations featuring Wii, PS3, PS2, Xbox360 and GameCube playing some of the most popular domestic video games as well as Japanese imports. 

Old school gamers will be delighted to know that there will be "old school" consoles such as GameCube, Dreamcast, PS1, Nintendo 64 and Super NES in the gaming schedule allowing convention-goers the opportunity to enjoy a wider selection of video games from both today and yesteryear. 

Convention-goers are highly encouraged to BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Controller).  This will make things easier for both the convention and your fellow players.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

What's an anime convention without DDR?  Come show off your insane dancing skills or just come by and play for fun. 

Roleplaying (RPG) Video Games

A small selection of titles from this popular genre will be made available for game play.

Video Game Tournaments

The tournaments are back and there will be more of them!  For you competitive people out there here's your chance to satisfy one's elite skills and of course, to win awesome prizes and all the glory!*

This year's tournaments will be:

  Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
  Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii)
  Super Smash Bros. (N64)
  Guilty Gear Accent Core (PlayStation 2)
  Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3)
  And as always: Dance Dance Revolution.

*Listed tournaments are subject to change or be cancelled without prior notice.  .

Doujin Games

New to the Video Game schedule, Doujin games are made by and often published by fans, covering the entire spectrum of games. Some are inspired by commercially made games, others are original, with some of these even inspiring commercial games or becoming published by major companies.

Hentai Games

Another new event, this will be featuring various eroge (erotic games) of differing genres, from shooters, fighting games, adventure and more. Not just your run of the mill dating sim.  (NOTE: Games not suitable for a younger audience, 18+)

GO and Shogi Room

If video games aren't your style, there will be a GO and Shogi room organized where people could relax and play these traditional, but still very popular, Japanese board games.  For those who never played before, staff will be on hand to explain how these games are played. 

Trading Card Games (TCG) Room

TCG players wanting to spend some time playing card games will be able to find Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Naruto and other popular card games being played in the TCG room. The TCG room will have several tables available for those who would like to bring in their own decks and play a few rounds with friends or strangers.  There will also be organized demos for those who would like to learn how to play TCGs.

UFS - Universal Fighting System Collectable Card Game

Have you ever wondered who would win if Ken from Street Fighter fought Iori from King of Fighters? Have you ever wanted to see J. Talbain from Darkstalkers bust out a Million Flicker on Taki from Soul Caliber? If fighting games are your forte, then try your hand at Universal fighting System. Universal Fighting System, or UFS for short, is a card game that features characters from several fighting games including; Darkstalkers, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown, Shadowar and coming soon Tekken 6.

Roleplaying Games (RPG)

Have you ever wanted to become one of your favourite anime characters and explore ancient temples, battling humongous dragons or even defending Earth in your mighty mecha against all evil?

Well here is your chance!  Otakuthon will once again be hosting several roleplaying games in the RPG room.  Skilled English and French speaking game masters (GMs) will be available to run several games for you to try and play in.  So be ready for adventure and let your imagination soar!


Amateur Painters Contest:  Contestants will receive a pre-primed and pre-assembled miniature figure to paint and will have 2 hours to paint their figures to the best of their abilities.