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General Inquiries

For general inquiries, please contact the information line.

Joining the Team

To volunteer as part of the organization staff, please contact us through human resources.

Executive Members

Director Staff

Communications Coordinator
Alex :
Media Relations Director
Camilo :
Equipment Coordinator
Anik :
AMV Contest Director
Peter :
Live Events Coordinator
Gus :
Artists' Area Director
Yinyin :
Partnership Coordinator
Guy :
Contests Director
Wendy :
Programming Coordinator
Tony :
Concert Director
Christine :
Promotions Coordinator
Inge :
Dealers Director
Elaine :
Registration Coordinator
Judy :
Guests Director
Carole :
Volunteers Coordinator
Lauren :
Masquerade Director
Geneviève :
Vice Chairperson
John :
Otakuthon Idol Director
Jean-Philippe :
Amanda :
Cosplay Chess Director
Mélissa :
Panels Director
Workshops Director
Yuan :
Roleplaying Games (RPG) Director
Ben :
Screenings Director
Pierre :
Gaming Director
Michelle :
Manga Library Director
Catherine :
Garage Sale Director
Rebecca :
Weapons Master
James :