Programming Highlights

Video Rooms

It wouldn't be an anime convention if there weren't any good anime to watch, so several video rooms will be running all weekend long for your viewing pleasure featuring a diverse selection of anime - from old favorites to the latest releases, from the popular to the obscure.  It's almost guaranteed that you will enjoy or discover some great anime in our video rooms.

And that's not all; the video rooms will also be featuring popular Japanese Dramas (J-Dramas), Japanese game shows, amateur parodies, and anime music videos (AMVs).

Video tracks are presented in Japanese with English or French subtitles, English dubbed, and French dubbed.  Please consult the video room schedules to find out which titles are presented in which language.

Our screening schedule will feature some of the following theme blocks*:

Viewer's Choice Anime: A selection of anime titles chosen by you, the fans!  These are some of the most popular anime out there right now.

Mecha Anime: If you like robots, body armours and even bigger robots, then this block is for you!

Video Game Anime: Anime based on popular video game titles.

Cute Bishounen: Anime that have "pretty" good looking guys that will drive any fangirl wild!

Family Friendly Anime:  Anime shows that the whole family can enjoy.

Old School Anime: A selection of anime shows from the 70's, 80's, and the early 90's.

Yaoithon Screening Block (Shounen-ai): "Boy's Love" anime series involving romantic situations between 2 (or more) male characters. (NOTE: Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience, 14+)

Ecchi Fanservice: Explore the racier side of anime in these shows filled with sexual humor or copious amounts of panty shots and jiggling breasts. (NOTE: Some shows may not be suitable for a younger audience, 14+)

J-Dramas:  A programming track dedicated to some of Japan's most popular live action TV dramas.

Japanese Game Shows: These are not your ordinarily run-of-the mill TV game shows. See how the Japanese go for the extreme and the wackiness for the audiences' viewing pleasure.

Anime Music Videos (AMVs) (non-competition):  Anime Music Videos or AMVs are fan created videos that combine anime with a musical soundtrack.  Some of the best and most popular AMVs will be screened throughout the convention.

Fan Parodies:  Although otakus love their anime, they also love it when fans make fun and hilarious parodies of their favourite series.

Hentai Pleasures:  Hentai Pleasures returns with even more of the eroticism we all know and love. These are anime series where the characters get "down & dirty" and other titillating sensations. (NOTE: Shows not suitable for a younger audience, 18+)

Alternative Hentai: New this year is our Alternative Hentai room.  Featured will be futanari, bondage, guro and fetishes that may interest our aficionados who are looking for something a little different. (NOTE: Shows not suitable for a younger audience, 18+)

Late Night Yaoithon:  "No peak, no point, no problem." (NOTE: Shows not suitable for a younger audience, 18+) 

Special Screenings

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Screening with Q & A

Join fellow Robotech fans for a special screening of the award winning feature film followed by a Q & A and prize giveaways with Harmony Gold's Kevin McKeever after the show!

Synopsis: In the year 2044 AD, the human race has reached out to the stars through the miracle of ROBOTECHNOLOGY, but not without bringing intergalactic war upon the Earth itself. Heroes will die and allegiances will shift.  But in the midst of combat, perhaps peace will spring up through the charred remains of battered history.  One of the greatest science fiction sages of all time continues ... Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (not) Alone

Synopsis: After the second impact, all that remains of Japan is Tokyo-3, a city that's being attacked by giant creatures that seek to eradicate the human kind, called Angels. After not seeing his father for more than eight years, Shinji Ikari receives a phone call, in which he is told to urgently come to the NERV Headquarters, an organization that deals with the destruction of the Angels through the use of giant mechs called Evas. Shinji's objective is to pilot the Eva Unit 01, while teaming up with the Eva Unit 00 pilot, Ayanami Rei.

Bleach Mini-Marathon:  A late night, non-stop viewing of this popular anime series!

Synopsis: Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary 15 year old boy who happens to be able to see ghosts. His fate takes an extraordinary turn when he meets with Rukia Kuchika, a Soul Reaper who shows up at Ichigo's house on the trail of a Hollow, a malevolent lost soul.  Drawn to Ichigo's high level of spiritual energy, the Hollow attacks Ichigo and his family, and Rukia steps in to help but is injured and unable to fight.  As a last resort Rukia decides to transfer a part of her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo...

Ichigo, now a full-fledge Soul Reaper and Rukia, minus her powers, join together to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Featuring Johnny Yong Bosch as the English voice of Ichigo Kurosaki and Stephanie Sheh as the English voice of Orihime Inoue.

*Themes and titles are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the convention schedule for more information about our programming.