Photoshoot Area

The Exhibition Hall will include an open photoshoot area with time slots available for groups to meet, setup, and pose for all to take pictures. This open area is for large groups cosplaying in a related theme with plenty of space for anyone to shoot photos.

Time slots will be limited to 30 minutes per group/theme and must be reserved in advance on the Otakuthon forums.

To make a reservation, post a request in the Photoshoot thread.

A copy of the schedule will be printed out and posted at the convention.

Photo Studio

Not a large group but would still like to have your photos taken without an appointment? There will also be a private shoot area in the photo studio! Private shoots will be open for solo or small groups and can be arranged onsite with a professional photographer in the photo studio area.

For an additional fee, cosplayers may choose to have their prints turned into veritable 'purikura' keepsakes of your fun times during Otakuthon from the Photo Studio.  PURI-KURA ("Print Club" in Japanese) is very popular in Japan and is making its way into the North American market. Cute borders and add-on 'stickies' or 'stamps' make each photo unique!

For those of you who are cosplay-crazy and either don't have a camera or can't be bothered to take pictures of every cool costume you see during the con, we will also be offering an affordable CD collection of the photos shot in the area of any cosplayers who opted to be included in this memorable CD.