Contest Highlights

No anime convention would be complete without having your basic, fun-filled contests.  So, for those who want to prove their "otakuness" and win some cool prizes, here is a list of contests that will be featured at Otakuthon this year.  Have Fun!

For a complete list and schedule of all our contests, please refer to the convention schedule insert.  Contests are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

Anime Categories

Name all the anime titles that you can think of from a chosen theme.  First one to run out of answers... loses.

Anime Charades

Are you good at miming or guessing at gestures?  Play Anime Charades and win some fun prizes.  Gain points for your team by miming out the anime or video game related word given to you without saying anything!  Join as a team of three or let us place you with a group.

Anime Karaoke Contest

For those who are daring and truly believe that they have what it takes to be the best Anime Karaoke singer of them all!  But will the audience approve???

Anime Mystery Dating Game

Four participants are randomly drawn.  One participant is the "date" and the other three are "suitors".  The date poses questions to the potential suitors and, based on their answers, ranks the suitors from first to third place.

Anime Name that Tune

In this popular contest contestants must guess the name of the anime tune being played in 15 seconds or less to gain a point.  The contestant with the highest score at the end wins.

Anime Taboo

Can you keep a tight lip? Or are you good at guessing words?  Then this may be the game for you and your friends.  Just like the original Taboo game, gain the most points for your team as you try to describe to your friends the anime or video game related word you have without using the "taboo" words.  Join as a team of three or let us place you with a group.

Anime Win, Lose, or Draw

Groups of three contestants, randomly drawn, compete by correctly guessing what's being drawn on the board by one of their teammates.  The group with the most points at the end wins.