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Otakuthon was originally an annual Otaku Anime Marathon, where many local Montreal fans would get together to watch through an entire day filled with high quality features playing on some of the best audio-visual equipment. The tradition is carried on, where we showcase a wide selection to give all viewers something to enjoy. There are screenings including older classics, little-known wonders, popular picks (to introduce your friends to), and even some of the most contemporary and cutting-edge titles.


From Lucky Stars to Might Mice, we invite each of you to take part in any number of our contests during your stay at Otakuthon. Impress everyone with whatever you've got to win any of our prize packs.


Join a panel discussion and network yourself into meeting and sharing with like-minded friends. Enlist into a workshop to get some hands-on experience learning something wonderful.


Keep your trigger-finger(s) joy-happy at Otakuthon's video gaming section. Otakuthon will have lots of multi-player titles that will keep the crowd cheering as players square off against each other in contests of skill, sheer luck, and even of foreign languages! Table-top games, such as TCGs, RPGs, Go, Shogi, and Miniature Warfare will also be available.


Think you have a great costume and want to show it off? The masquerade gives you a chance to do it on stage in a really big way! Whether it be a walk-on or a skit, by yourself or as a group, show off your costumes to the rest of the world and to our panel of experienced cosplayer judges who will decide the winners and present awards based on best costumes and presentations.

Even if you’re not costumed, come and cheer the labor of dozens cosplayers as they show off their hard work.

Otakuthon Idol

Otakuthon Idol is a contest which is looking to bring out the next Miyavi or the next KOTOKO that is sleeping inside you! If you are lucky to be one of the selected participants, you could sing on stage and have the chance of winning the title "Otakuthon Idol 2009".  To participate, you must learn a Japanese song by heart and be present at the auditions.  You will then be able to perform in front of our judges, who will evaluate your performance.  Don't forget to bring a compact disc containing the karaoke version of your song!
If you aren't interested in singing, you could always attend the show where our participants will try their best to entertain you.  But more importantly, don't forget to bring along your friends!

Complete rules and details here.

Anime Karaoke

If you’re one of those convention-goers who always loves singing their favourite anime or video game tune in front of a large-enough crowd, here’s your chance!  At the Anime Karaoke Corner (now located in the Cosplay Café), you will be able to grab the mike and sing your favourite tunes all night long.

For those who are even more daring, there's always the Anime Karaoke Contest for those who believe that they have what it takes to be the best karaoke singer of them all!

AMV Contest Screening

The AMV Contest Screening will be presenting the top entries of each category of the AMV Contest. Come see the variety of action, drama, comedy, and special effects of these original AMVs as the winner is decided. Not only will you get to see the best of the best, but you will get to vote for the best of the best and help choose the real winners of the AMV Contest!

Complete rules and details here.

Otaku Anime Manga Library

Need a nice quite spot to relax during the convention after running around all day? Come drop by the manga library room where you can sit back and read a large variety of manga at your own leisure. Sponsored by Otaku Anime of Concordia University, this library will showcase the club's entire manga collection.  A list of titles can be found at:

If you're interested in lending some of your own manga collection not found on this list, please contact the Manga Library director (Catherine) at

Cosplay Café

Otakuthon will be hosting a cosplay café where attendees can kick back and enjoy Japanese snacks, meals, desserts and drinks. Hosted by our bishie and kawaii cosplayers, of course!

More information here.

Free Hugs Zone

Hugs are in the air! You asked for it, now you got it! Yes, that's right, your own hugging space! The Cosplay Cafe’s terrace will be designated as a “free hugs zone” except during specific times (ex.: during the fireworks). This designated area is perfect for free huggers since it has lots of space to gather a lot of huggers.

Saturday Night Dance

Need to burn some energy? Head and body in need of music? The Saturday Night Dance is back, alive and kicking! Same ambience, new DJ! This year, DJ United Forces will be spinning and mixing at the turntables. She will mix the latest dance hits Non-Stop from Europe along with J-Rock music, anime themes, and popular titles from your favourite gaming consoles. The official DJ for the famous Swedish band, she currently works under Dicaster Management (Sweden) as their prime DJ and has done a tour around Asia. She will be bringing back a few titles which are not often heard in North America. Feel free to write your suggestions on the forums and some of them will get thrown into the mix... for 4 hours of non-stop dancing!

Art Gallery

The art gallery will exhibit a compilation of fine works of art in the anime genre. Displays include our annual gallery contest entries plus silent auctions consisting of high quality pieces of finest submissions and originals (non-digital).

Fireworks (La Ronde)

For your viewing pleasure (and weather permitting, of course), the 7th floor terrace will be opened for watching the La Ronde fireworks over Saturday, August 1st, 2009 at 10:00pm.

J-Rock Live Concert

Once again, the J-Rock Live Concert will grace the hall with full blown J-Music! Rocking on with a full live band, this show will last for a solid hour and a half. From otaku fans to hardcore J-Rock listeners to anime OST fanatics, this concert will bring out the very best in Japanese music! An event surely not to be missed!

Cosplay RPG Battle

Calling all cosplayers looking to form a battle party and take down their enemies in classic Japanese RPG style!  Powered by our own game engine, there is no pen and paper to track your HP.  All battles will be fought out in real-time to truly capture the feeling of being in an RPG.

In Cosplay RPG Battle, you will be able to choose a character class based on your cosplay and form parties of three characters each.  These teams will then face off against each other using magic, melee and special techniques, as well as using items like potions and other recovery items to heal or revive fallen teammates. Beat opposing teams to level up and gain power ups as your team makes its way to the final match to prove that you and your teammates not only can dress the part, but act the part as well!