Media Accreditation Request for Otakuthon 2019

We are accepting requests for media badges starting from April 2019.

Kindly send an email to and include the following information:

Your request will then be reviewed by our media committee.

Before submitting your application, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

Please note that even if you respect the elements listed above, it does not guarantee your media accreditation. Kindly wait for the media committee's email decision.

The deadline to send your media accreditation request by email is August 8, 2019. Any accreditation request sent by email after this date will be dismissed. Please directly present yourself to the media office near the ticket kiosk for any last minute requests.


For any request regarding interviews with a spokesperson for the festival or for any questions concerning the press, please contact:

Otakuthon Press Releases

Visit the 'Otakuthon Press Releases' page for the latest annoucements.

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