Video Gaming Events


Video Game Hall

The Video Game Hall is bringing back the old favourites: multiple stations with today's modern consoles serving as platforms for the latest games from both North America & Japan, various video game events such as tournaments honouring retro game favourites, as well as several LAN PC stations that will be available for competitive play!

Whether you're new to video gaming or have been playing games for years, there's something for everyone at Otakuthon's Video Game Hall!


Attendees are encouraged to Bring-Your-Own-Accessories. PC Peripherals, Controllers, Headphones & Handheld chargers. This will make things easier for everyone.

* Personal Mice & Keyboards are only allowed during LAN Tournaments.


Are you one of the very best at your favourite game? Looking to challenge tough opponents to sharpen and hone your skills? Or maybe you just like being competitive?

Whatever the reason, come and register for any of our tournaments and put your skills to the test! Players will be showing off their skills in different genres, such as RTS, FPS, fighting, rhythm, dōjins, and much more! Don't forget to have fun, and may the best player win!


Rhythm Games

Otakuthon will once again have a variety of rhythm games for those of you who enjoy playing with music or are curious and want to try something new. Our team will be present to help you understand the core mechanics of the games. No need to sweat! (Well, maybe just a little!)

Touhou Project

touhouCome celebrate the Hakurei Shrine Festival at the Touhou Project Station in the Video Game Hall! This popular series of curtain fire shoot 'em ups will be available for play and will include all of the official Touhou Project games (both PC98 & PC), Seihou Project games, and a variety of Touhou Project inspired dōjin games covering a wide range of genres.

Whether you're already a fan or want to try out this series of very unique shooters for the first time, be sure to stop by and dodge some danmaku with us~!

LAN Station


For those warriors whose way of the samurai can only be expressed through a keyboard and a mouse, drop by the LAN Station!

Come by for some fun & enter our RTS or FPS Tournaments where your skills will be put to the test to see who will be the best of the best.

Handheld Lounge

Whether it's for the high-fives from teammates or handshakes after a good battle, there's plenty of fun for all. Celebrating your favourite portable games, all platforms are welcome at the Handheld Lounge! So grab a seat and stay awhile!