New in 2019

Closing Time: Otakuthon will close its doors at 3 AM in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. See Opening Hours here.

210B Concert Hall Entrance: Although the main concert hall is called 210B, the only access to the room is available through the line-up room which is located at door 220A. If you are going to attend a concert in 210B concert hall, please head to door 220A.

210B Concert Hall Seating: In the 210B Concert Hall, during musical concerts, standing up in front of the stage will be allowed but only in a designated area. Seats on each side of the area will be positioned so it is possible to see the stage clearly while being seated. More details will be given to you in the line-up room prior to concerts. Please also note that it is forbidden to stand on your chair at any moment and that it will result in an automatic expulsion from the concert hall.

Badge Mailing: Otakuthon badges can be mailed to your home address in advance. This service can be purchased as an option during online registration only before July 21, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Mailed registrations will include your RFID badge, its lanyard, and the Otakuthon Attendee guide!

New Premium Badge Package: Premium badges include 3-day admission to Otakuthon, all paid concerts (Host Club not included), a customized engraved badge name, registered mail to your home address in advance, priority access to all 3 major event rooms, priority access to the Exhibition Hall, an exclusive limited edition poster granting priority access to the T.M.Revolution autograph line, an Otakuthon 2019 T-shirt and an official Otakuthon merchandise gift package! Premium badges will be extremely limited in quantity and issued on a first paid basis or until the cut off deadline on Sunday May 30, 2019 (whichever comes first).

Badge pick-up: You can now send proxies for preregistered badge pick-up! The proxy must present their own valid photo ID as well as a valid photo ID and the confirmation number of the person/people for whom they wish to pick up the badge. Child badges may not be picked up by a proxy. You can use the express line for child badge pick-up.

Child Badge pick-up or purchase: Prepaid Child badges can be picked up using the express line. You can also use the express line to purchase Child badges on site (born in between August 1, 2007 and July 31, 2012) for a fee of $15 each. All children aged 7 to 11 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian (an adult 18 years or older), registered as a group member under their registration, and present a valid government issued ID (ex: health insurance card, passport, etc.) as proof of age.

Infants aged 6 and under, born after July 31, 2012, will be admitted free of charge, but must be accompanied by their parent/guardian (an adult 18 years or older). Proof of age may be required (ex: health insurance card, passport, etc.). A small decorative card with information to complete on the back (name of guardian and two emergency numbers) will be given to infants aged 6 and under as a "mini-badge to be like the grown-ups"!

Concert Tickets Sale On Site: Concert tickets will be available on-site (while supplies last)! The ticket sale kiosk will be near Otakuthon's merchandise table in Viger Hall again this year. Opening hours will be posted here when they are confirmed.

16+ and 18+ Wristbands: 16+ and 18+ wristbands will be distributed this year again in Viger Hall near the Otakuthon merchandise table (Friday and Saturday; noon to 9 pm), as well as in a new location, room 517A (Friday and Saturday; 7 pm to midnight). You must present a valid government-issued ID photo to receive one. These are meant to expedite access to mature panels and events, but they are not mandatory. You can keep your wristband for the duration of the convention.

Masquerade: This year’s edition includes advance registration with Green Room appointment times! Click here for more information.

Word Cosplay Summit: Teams are required to attend large prop drop off and stage prop set up on Saturday, August 17, 2019, from 9:00 AM to Noon. In addition to the costume and performance components, there will be a short interview portion as part of the WCS Canada Competition. Click here for more information.

Artist Area: New rules permitting only one application per artist. Artists found submitting multiple table applications under different names will immediately be disqualified. Please verify the Premium and Regular Artist area rules for more details.