Live Events

Opening Ceremony

Start off Otakuthon, the most anticipated convention, with a bang! Come watch the Opening Ceremony where you will see talented musical performances, some welcoming words from the organizer committee of Otakuthon, catch of glimpse of some of your favorite guests and find out what the weekend has in store for you!


Closing Ceremony

Come end your wonderful weekend on a high note (yes, pun intended)! The Closing Ceremony will feature nostalgic performances that will give you all of the feels, say goodbye to the remaining guests that made this weekend magical and celebrate all of the hard work the staff members have put in, to making Otakuthon what is it today!


BurlesGeek Montréal at Otakuthon 2019!


They’re back! BurlesGeek Montréal - the only geek themed burlesque troupe in Montreal – has been presenting geek-themed burlesque shows since 2013. It’s with great pleasure that BurlesGeek is joining force for a third time with Otakuthon this August! For this special edition, your favorite pop-culture characters will come to life on stage: be ready for some wild geek-tease!

DeeDee Dynasty, Nanah, Miss Enchanté, Frenchy Jones, Golden Thunderpants & Lulu les belles mirettes are ready to entertain you, led by our delightful host Uma Gahd and her dear husband Noah...

Come and witness a cheeky and funky show on Friday, August 16, 2019!

For more information, you can contact us here:



East2West is a Montreal-based K-pop cover performance crew. Their team, which consists of the collaborative effort of more than 80 active and talented performers, has a shared passion for the performing arts as they strive to give their best, all while having fun.

East2West brings Eastern culture to the West by combining the ever-growing Korean pop music culture with Western hip-hop. They aim to offer high-quality performances for all audiences to enjoy, regardless of age, cultural background, and gender. Through their online creative content, which has accumulated over 100 million views and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, their unique entertainment experience and team chemistry has launched their success in the past eight years.

Check out their YouTube channel and follow them on social media for regular updates, exclusive content, and more!

Centre Samourai Koryukan


Centre Samourai Koryukan was established in 1999 by Sensei Medhat Darwish in Montreal, Canada, for a dedicated study to classical martial arts.

The center is specialized in Daitoryu Aikijujutsu, Yamato Tenshin Ryu Bojutsu and Heiho Niten Ichi Ryu of the famous samouraï Miyamoto Musashi.

Cosplay Chess

Ever wanted to see your favourite characters fight each other? Thanks to Cosplay Chess now you can! No one knows what could happen as players move their pieces across a giant board. For the 12th edition of Otakuthon, the theme will be A Surprise!


You have questions? Contact the Cosplay Chess team at or contact your representative player if you have already been selected.

Fashion Show

fashion show

In this Harajuku Fashion Show, various local fashion designers from Quebec and Ontario will be showcasing their collections. Many of them take inspiration from Japanese culture, Harajuku street fashions and even anime. Styles to be featured include Lolita, Ouji, Fairy Kei, Gyaru, Visual Kei, Shironuri and kimonos. Most of our local designers have a table in the exhibition hall, please go out and support the local family!

For more information, please contact the Fashion Show Director at

Ko Michi Dojo


With almost 15 years of experience in Montreal, Ko Michi Dojo practices the traditional Aïkido left behind by Ueshiba Morihei, founder of this martial art. Thierry Pardo Sensei uses his thirty years of experience and his knowledge of traditional oriental cultures to offer a user-friendly, flexible and efficient Aïkido.

Komachi Montreal


Komachi Montreal is a Japanese dance group established in 2007 which performs Japanese folk dances throughout the Montreal region as well as in Quebec, New York and Ottawa. Our performances aim to make you live pleasant moments through traditional Japanese dances. Come and share this festive energy of our performance and dance with us!

There will also be a Japanese traditional type dance "Bon Odori" workshop. Come dance and enjoy yourself with Komachi Montreal! This year, we have a workshop of "TOKYO GORIN ONDO". A dance official of the Tokyo Olympic 2020. Let's learn the 'TOKYO GORIN ONDO', and enjoy more the Tokyo Olympic 2020 next year!!

Oakville Kenjutsu


Yagyu Shinkage Ryu was created around the late-1500's by the pre-eminent sword master Kamiizumi Nobutsuna. The style was originally created out of a fusion of Katori Shinto Ryu and Kage Ryu styles of swordsmanship. The style was the first to infuse the concepts of Zen Buddhism with Japanese swordsmanship. A key principle of the style is to use the sword to save lives, not take them. For this reason, the style became known as the 'life-giving sword'. The Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu was so impressed with the style and its philosophy that he appointed its master instructor, Yagyu Munenori, to be the official sword instructor for his family.

Otaku Comedy Show: Otakuthon 2019

comedy show

Back by popular demand! The OTAKU COMEDY SHOW is Montreal’s anime-themed stand-up comedy show! This show is made BY otakus FOR otakus, featuring comedians whose Virginity Level is OVER 9000!!! Come hear what these funny people have to say about anime, manga, video games, and other Japanese-related things, such as the worst fathers in anime, their favourite waifus, or which live-action anime was the worst! These hilarious acts are guaranteed to have you laughing and begging for more!

Come see these funny Weeaboos for the Otaku Comedy Show Friday, on August 16th!

And be sure to check out these naughty comedians at their Hentai Comedy Show (18+) Saturday, August 17th at 8 pm!

For more information, you can contact us on Facebook or email:



Otakudance is cooking something special again this year for the Friday night party! Stay tuned for more information.



How do you like your Otakuthon party? Only with the best of the best! Join your hostess The PinkPopo and her special guests. From 10pm to 3am, i'ts party time, Otakudance style!


Meet the DJs !

(Stay tuned)


The PinkPopo The PinkPopo, your favorite cosplay DJ! On duty since 2008, you might have seen her at Otakuthon, Anime north, YetiCon and geek gatherings around Canada. As the Otakudance Host, The Pinkpopo is here to blast your ears on some sweet, righteous sounds of electro mixed with J-pop and chiptune. Ichi, ni, san, Pātī