Host Club



Welcome, everyone!

The Traveling Host Club team is happy to welcome you to the very first Host Club held at Otakuthon! Come meet our lovely lineup of hosts on Friday, from 6PM to 8PM, on the 7th floor terrace.

The Host Club is an immersive bilingual roleplay experience between cosplayer hosts and their guests. As a guest, you can choose the boys who will sweep you off your feet from a large selection encompassing three well-known series! Who will you choose: the energetic athletes from the classic series Haikyuu!!, the brave heroes of the popular My Hero Academia, or the enigmatic authors from the rising star series Bungou Stray Dogs?

In the entrance price is included an access to a buffet-type menu that you’ll be able to enjoy alongside your host. Light snacks and finger-foods are planned to keep your hands busy while your eyes rest on your hosts’ antics! In fact, games and competition are also on the menu this year, as the hosts from each series are competing to collect the most points, and hopefully be crowned with the title of “Best Boys”. Everything is allowed, and none of the rules count! Each Host can collect points by winning challenges, providing excellent food service, and entertaining guests through various games and events. In addition to being served by them, all guests are invited to play games with their host. Winning a game grants the guest a "favour", which can be used to ask anything of the Host of their choice!

Pictures and videos are welcomed!! Our boys all love cameras, and will gladly pose with you at the end of the service!

Reservations for the Host Club can be done during pre-registration only. The places are limited, so don’t miss a chance to come spend a couple of hours with your favourite anime characters at your beck and call! The choice of hosts is done on the day of the event on a first-come, first-serve basis, so come early to ensure you have a spot at your favourite character’s table.

Keep an eye on the Otakuthon webpage and social media for the next exciting announcements!