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Cosplay Repair Room

Helios Otakuthon, in collaboration with Helios Makerspace, is proud to present the Cosplay Repair Room!

What is the Cosplay Repair Room?

The Cosplay Repair Room is a space where cosplayers can repair their cosplays for free using equipment provided by Helios Makerspace and Otakuthon.  The helpful and knowledgeable staff from Helios Makerspace and Otakuthon will be there to help and support any cosplayers in need of a touch up.

What will be in the room?

In addition to space, the Cosplay Repair Room also provides several tools to help with the repair of your cosplay, including but not limited to many sewing machines, a soldering iron, as well as hot glue and scissors.

Room Rules

  • Everyone is welcome to use the Cosplay Repair Room for repairing their cosplays.
  • Please remember this is a repair room, not a rest area.