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BurlesGeek show

BurlesGeek Montreal at Otakuthon 2018!

They’re back! BurlesGeek Montreal - the only geek-themed burlesque troupe in Montreal – presents geek-themed burlesque shows since 2013. It’s with great pleasure that BurlesGeek is joining forces with Otakuthon for a second time this August! For this special edition, your favorite anime, manga & video game characters will come to life on stage - for real!

DeeDee Dynasty, Lady Scarlet Pearl, Golden Thunderpants, Lulu les belles mirettes and Phaelsaphe are ready to entertain you, led by our delightful host Uma Gahd and her dear husband Noah...

Come and witness a cheeky and funky show on Friday, August 3rd!

For more information, you can contact us here: