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Otakudance (Friday & Saturday)


Friday Night Otakudance

Otakudance is proud to present Kawaii Bass for this friday night's dance!! Come dance with the Toronto crew everyone is talking about!

Meet the DJs !

DJ Tenshin

Hailing from Toronto's Anime-Rave scene, DJ Tenshin has been on a crusade to bring bouncy music to events. Sonically, Tenshin borrows elements from the Japanese Doujin scene and East Coast VGM Scene. He focuses on style over genre, often throwing a medley of sounds into a single set. Paying close attention to track selection, unexpected mash-ups and obscure anthems blend to create a unique experience on every dancefloor Tenshin rocks.

Pan!c Pop

As a member of the Toronto based music collectives, Kawaii Bass and Nightfall Collective, Pan!c Pop is without a doubt one of the most unique DJ/Producers in the underground right now. Backed by the synth heavy sounds of Future Funk, and an eye catching retro anime and VHS aesthetic, Pan!c Pop hits the decks this year ready to prove once and for all that disco isn't dead!


Epikuro is a trail-blazing performer of Otaku Music. Mixing world-class Anime, Vocaloid, and Touhou Project composers into epic sets infused with fresh dance beats and thick bouncy-bass, Epikuro brings years of experience as an Otaku into the DJ world with tight mixing and rigorous arrangement. Selecting the finest tracks from Otaku Culture, Epikuro forges nostalgic and thrilling musical experiences. Whether it's at conventions, dance clubs, or his very own Kawaii Bass parties, Epikuro is a magical adventure that will make your kokoro go doki-doki.


D41N (pronounced Dain) is an electronic music producer from Ontario. D41N primarily makes sample based music, sampling and remixing songs from a wide range of origins and multiple genres. Their music is heavily influenced by anime and otaku culture and often incorporates glitchy and funky sounds. The founder of Nightfall Collective (on SoundCloud) and Nightcore Visionary.

Saturday Night Otakudance

How do you like your Otakuthon party? Only with the best of the best! Join your hosts The PinkPopo and Pocaille and their special guest Tamerax , Cyre , Skicks , dj koopa and @pea_txt on the dance floor. From 10pm to 4am, it’s party time, Otakudance style!

Meet the DJs !

Tamerax (Sherbrooke) - Hard Trance / HDM / Hardcore

Synergy Trax, Metamorph,Audio Hedz, Stamina Records, Justice Hardcore, Scarred Digital, Kikwear

Hailing originally Sherbrooke but making a name for himself all over the world, Tamerax is a rising star in the international hard dance and hardcore scene. With almost 20 years of DJ experience under his belt, Tamerax is known for bringing his unique high energy sound, smooth mixing skills and intense stage presence to shows all across Canada and the United States. His chart topping Hard Trance and Freeform singles are known for being modern and powerfully uplifting and but at the same time very playful and fun with lots of unique remixes. Tamerax has been signed to several of the world’s most respected hard dance labels including Synergy Trax, Metamorph, Stamina Records,Scarred Digital, Justice Hardcore and Evolution. Many of Tamerax's tracks have been featured on several international cd compilations (D.Trace, Who's Got The Stamina, One Rave on Hardcore Underground) and mixes and has support from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Get ready for a full-on high energy set filled with never-before-heard original songs and exclusive remixes of legendary video tracks and see why Tamerax has played some of the biggest Anime Conventions in North America.


Cyre likes fast music and the extremes, which he proved more than a hundred times in various parties and events over the last fifteen years. Being involved in the demo scene at that time, he began to play music in front of crowds at NAID'96 (North American International Demoparty). This continued with raves and it is in this spirit that he'll play for you at the Otakudance. On the program, J-Core selections and influences from a strong past of video games.


I hope you have good dancing shoes and a lot of energy because this DJ doesn't know the meaning of the word "slow"!

Anime fan, big gamer and also a Hardcore and J-Core lover, Skicks will combine all three of his greatest passions with one and only goal in mind : to make you dance non-stop until the morning light!


pea_txt is the organizer for Real Jaycore Hours, a URL event showcasing a wide variety of musical genres from DJs all around the globe. He has also played in many online electronic music events, like Lucky Lotus, Happy Hardcore Radio (Rensha Session / Hardcore Summer Bash) and Aniradio's Animix. pea_txt's love for electronic music knows no bounds, and whatever he plays next will always be a surprise for the listeners.


The PinkPopo

The PinkPopo, your favorite cosplay DJ! On duty since 2008, you might have seen her at Otakuthon, Anime north, Nuit Blanche de Montreal and geek gatherings around Canada. Now in charge of her world, The Pinkpopo is here to blast your ears with some sweet, righteous sounds of electro mixed with J-pop and chiptune. Ichi, ni, san, Pātī


You’re gonna shake your “pon pon pon” all night with Pocaille. He’s always looking for new sounds to make you dance. Energetic mixes, japanese-influenced electronic music and “no compromise” selections are waiting for you on the dancefloor.