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What is it?

A new sub-event debuting at this year's Otakuthon, Pokéthon will bring Pokémon fans together to celebrate the Japanese pocket monsters that we know and love so much.

Events and Activities

Whether you're an old fan or new, if you love Pokémon, there will be plenty to enjoy! Pokéthon will feature a wide range of programming, including panels discussing different elements of Pokémon and its fandom, skill-testing contests with prizes, a cosplay meet-up and photo-shoot, and many opportunities to trade, battle, and compete in gaming tournaments and challenges.

Contact us!

If you have any ideas for Pokéthon, would like to get involved, or simply want to help spread the word, we'd love to hear from you! Help us shape this event by chatting with us on the Otakuthon forums or e-mailing us at!  You can also visit our Facebook for more information and updates: