Cosplay Guests

Maral Agnerian "Sarcasm-hime"

Sarcasm-himeMaral Agnerian, better known in cosplay circles as Sarcasm-hime, is an illustrator and costumer with a deep and abiding love for pretty fabrics, beads, and all manner of shiny things. She has been seriously costuming since 1999 and currently competes at the regional Master level.  She has won numerous Workmanship awards and relishes the challenge of bringing a 2-D design to life, but also loves the creativity inherent in original designs. She is always looking for new sewing and construction techniques to learn and experiment with, and strongly believes in spreading knowledge and information through the community.


Melting Mirror

MeltingMirror, also known as The-Mirror-Melts, has 9 years of cosplay experience and is a master level cosplayer. She has been frequently featured in various magazines including Cosmode and Cosplay Gen, and showcased on websites such as, Kotaku, Deviantart, and American Cosplay Paradise.

Her costume choices cover a wide range of characters types – from a dirty sea goddess to a futuristic robotic spirit – and involve the use of a variety of techniques. With the knowledge she has gained through years of crafting, she is always open to help cosplayers and frequently provides tips and advice.



Kudrel has been an official cosplay addict since 2004. Her style of costume making is like crafts-A.D.D. She doesn't like doing things the same way twice! She is especially skilled in making something awesome out of random junk and found objects, and is always looking for new innovative ideas. If you catch her prodding or eyeing your costumes, it's probably a good thing!

Sabrina "Miagalore" Vocaturo


Sabrina is an art teacher who has been costuming since 1999. She enjoys the opportunity to meet fellow costumers and talk about sewing and crafting. She is continually amazed and impressed by the dedication, hard work and spirit shown by those who share the love of costuming and cosplay.